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There are a few different ways to contact the city. Below are some addresses and numbers you can use to reach us.
City Hall
City of Prince George
1100 Patricia Boulevard
Prince George, BC V2L 3V9
City Hall hours are 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Email: Service Centre at
Telephone: Service Centre at 250.561.7600
Fax: Service Centre at 250.561.7724
Mayor and Council
Contact information for the Mayor and Councillors can be found along with other information on the Council Bios page.

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Community Recreation
If you're looking for contacts to Community Associations and groups including sport and hobby groups, see our Community Recreation page.
File A Report
Feedback can be sent to our Service Centre using this feedback form. If you prefer, you may also email the Service Centre at

Staff Contact List

An Organizational Chart is available for an overview


Main Service/Call Centre

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Main Service/Call Centre Front Line Service Reps 250.561.7600 250.561.7724

Mayor and Council
Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Mayor and Council Tanya Spooner, Executive Coordinator to the Mayor & City Manager 250.561.7610 250.561.0183

 City Manager's Office Contacts

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Corporate Officer and Election Process Walter Babicz, Director, Legislative Services 250.561.7605 250.561.0183
City Council Meetings Deanna Wasnik, Deputy Corporate Officer 250.561.7688 250.561.0183
Freedom of Information / Protection of Privacy Joan Switzer, Confidential Legal Assistant 250.561.7686 250.561.0183
Policy Initiatives Wendy Nordin, Manager, Policy Initiatives, 250.614.7826 250.561.0183

Community Services Contacts

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Main Office  Sara McKay Office Assistant 250.561.7640 250.641.7718
Director Colleen Van Mook, Director 250.561.7675 250.561.7718
Aquatics Jim Worthington, Supervisor 250.561.7783 250.561.7769
Civic Centre Myles Tycholis, Manager, Events and Civic Centre 250.561.7639 250.561.7737
Civic Centre Promotions / Business Development Vacant 250.561.7740 250.561.7737
Recreation and Cultural Services Brad Beckett, Manager 250.561.7654 250.561.7718
Civic Pride, Seniors, Youth, Heritage Volunteer Awards Cheryl Livingstone-Leman, Community Services Coordinator 250.561.7647 250.561.7718
Community Associations, Health and Wellness Glenda Newsted, Community Services Coordinator 250.561.7798 250.561.7718
Culture, Arts, Pine Valley Gold Course Doug Hofstede, Recreation Coordinator 250.561.7646 250.561.7718
Leisure Access Program / KidSport, Active Living Guide, Active Living Market Robyn McConkey, Recreation Coordinator 250.561.7649 250.561.7718
Facility Scheduling (Parks, Schools, Fields) Scott Hunyadi, Facility Scheduling Coordinator 250.561.7604 250.561.7718
CN Centre & Recreation Facilities Andy Beesley, Manager 250.561.7643 250.561.7557
Marketing Glen Mikkelsen, Marketing Supervisor 250.561.7789 250.561.7557
Arenas Wade Loukes, Arenas Supervisor 250.561.7648 250.561.7557


Corporate Services Contacts

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Director Kathleen Soltis, Director 250.561.7630 250.561.7759
Main Office Brenda Voelk, Office Assistant 250.561.7547 250.561.7759
Asset Manager, Downtown Projects Frank Blues 250.561.7503 250.561.7721
Budgets, Tax Exemptions Kris Dalio, Manager, Financial Planning 250.561.7694 250.561.7724
Federal/Provincial Finance Taxation or Budget Issues Kathleen Soltis, Director Corporate Services 250.561.7630
Financial Statements, Financial Information Act Debbie Deley, Manager, Financial Services 250.561.7695 250.561.7759
Health and Safety, Payroll and Benefits Administration Ray Borgia, Manager, Risks and Benefits 250.561.7767 250.561.7759
Human Resources and Labour Relations Rae-Ann Emery, Manager 250.561.7692 250.561.7719


Planning and Development Contacts

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Director Ian Wells 250.561.7784 250.561.7721
Administration Brenda Sieben, Supervisor 250.561.7678
Building Permits Chief Building Inspector 250.561.7611
Subdivision, Infrastructure & Building Inspection Al Clark, Manager 250.614.7887
Community Forests Dan Adamson, Manager 250.561.7698 250.561.7721
Long Range Planning Tiina Watt 250.561.7731 250.561.7721
Zoning Issues Pam Hext, Supervisor, Current Planning 250.561.7797 250.561.7721
Acquisition, Disposal and Management of City Lands Ian Wells 250.561.7784 250.561.7721


Operations Contacts

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Transportation, Road Construction, Capital Road Program and Traffic Lights Dave Bradshaw, Manager,Transportation 250.614.7828 250.564.7739
Cemetery Operations Flavio Viola, Manager, Parks and Solid Waste 250.561.7575 250.612.5612
Parks and Solid Waste Services Flavio Viola, Manager, Parks and Solid Waste 250.561.7575 250.612.5612
Potholes, Pavement Repair, Snow Removal, Street Sweeping Service Centre 250.561.7600
Transit David Bradshaw, Transit and Projects 250.614.7828
Utilities Division - Water / Sewer / Storm, Traffic / Street Lights, Pump Stations, Water Conservation, Groundwater Protection, Community Energy Dave Dyer, Manager, Utilities 250.561.7573 250.561.7519
Purchasing and Fleet Services Ray Borgia, Acting Manager of Supply & Fleet Services 250.561.7511 250.612.5603


 Public Safety & Civic Facilities

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Director Rob Whitwham, Director 250.561.7608 250.561.0183
Main Office 250.561.7602 250.561.0183
Bylaw Services, Animal Control, Parking Control Guy Gusdal, Bylaw Services 250.561.7623 250.561.7745
Civic Facilities Construction and Maintenance Greg Anderson, Manager 250.561.7615 250.612.5604

Maintenance Contacts

Issues Name and Title Phone Fax
Emergency Program John Iverson, Acting Fire Chief 250.561.7667 250.561.7703
Fire Services Division John Iverson, Acting Fire Chief 250.561.7667 250.561.7703
Main Office Kim Potter 250.561.7667 250.561.7703
Fire Investigation 250.561.7667 250.561.7703
Fire Prevention Dennis Perrault, Fire Prevention Officer 250.561.7667 250.561.7703
RCMP - Municipal Services Devon Cooper, Manager, Police Support Services 250.561.3324 250.562.8331

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