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Current Planning

Current Planning is responsible for reviewing development related applications such as Zoning Bylaw and Official Community Plan amendments, Development Permits and Variance Permits, as well as Liquor License, Agricultural Land Reserve, Land Use Contract, and Soil Removal and Deposit Designation applications.  In addition staff advise Council on a wide range of land use issues.


Listed below are links to City Bylaws that regulate development within the City of Prince George, as well as links to external forms.

The following are a selection of circulars and application forms organized by topic area.  All documents listed below are in PDF format.  If you have any questions about this information, please feel free to contact staff as listed below.



 DocIcon Parking lot Sweeping letter 2014 (197KB)

collapse  Circulars

 DocIcon Constructing or Legalizing a Secondary Suite (202KB)
 DocIcon Single Family Residential Site Plan Requirements (4MB)

collapse  Covenants

 DocIcon Section 219 Covenant Application (46KB)

collapse  Development Permits

 DocIcon A Guide to the Development Review Process for Building Projects (376KB)
 DocIcon Development Permit Application (46KB)
 DocIcon Development Permit Process Information Sheet (502KB)
 DocIcon Downtown Development Permit Area Guidelines (5MB)
 DocIcon Riparian Development Permit Process Guide (223KB)

collapse  Development Variance Permits

 DocIcon Development Variance Application (27KB)
 DocIcon Development Variance Process Guide (189KB)

collapse  Fences

 DocIcon Fence Heights - Corner Lot (74KB)
 DocIcon Fence Heights - Interior Lot (62KB)

collapse  Land Use Change

 DocIcon A Guide to Amending the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw (196KB)
 DocIcon A Guide to the Land Use Contract Amendment Process (198KB)
 DocIcon Land Use Contract Application: Amendment or Discharge (55KB)
 DocIcon Rezoning and Official Community Plan Amendment Application (61KB)

collapse  Liquor Licencing

 DocIcon Liquor Licence Application (73KB)
 DocIcon Required Information for Approval of Occupant Load (107KB)

collapse  Miscellaneous Forms

 DocIcon Appointment of Agent (14KB)

collapse  Soil Removal or Deposit

 DocIcon Short Term Soil Removal/Deposit Permit Application (35KB)
 DocIcon Soil Removal/Deposit Area Designation Application (30KB)
 DocIcon Soil Removal/Deposit Permit Application (52KB)

collapse  Temporary Use Permits

 DocIcon A Guide to the Temporary Use Permit Process (186KB)
 DocIcon Temporary Use Permit Application (46KB)

collapse  Tree Protection Bylaw

 DocIcon Areas Excluded From Tree Protection Bylaw in Greenbelt Areas (40KB)
 DocIcon Exemptions Under the Tree Protection Bylaw (23KB)
 DocIcon Tree Cutting Permit (20KB)

collapse  Liquor Licencing

 DocIcon 2011 Council Liquor Policy (46KB)
Full Name: Community Planning General
Company: City of Prince George
Business Phone: 250.561.7611
E-mail Address:
Fax Number: 250.561.7721

Full Name: Rachael Ward
Job Title: Planning Technician
Business Phone: 250.561.7752
E-mail Address:

Full Name: Mandy Stanker
Job Title: Planner II
Business Phone: 250.614.7861
E-mail Address:

Full Name: Katy Fabris
Job Title: Planner I
Business Phone: 250.561.7791
E-mail Address:

Full Name: Dana Hawkins
Job Title: Planner I
Business Phone: 250.561.7730
E-mail Address:

Full Name: Deanna Wasnik
Job Title: Manager of Development Services
E-mail Address:

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