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Organization Structure


City administration consists of the City Manager’s Office and five departments.  The City also contracts with the RCMP to provide police services.  The following summary presents an overview of our administrative structure and functions.

To contact us, please contact the City's ServiceCentre.




Corporate Management


City Manager’s Office

City Manager: Kathleen Soltis (Acting)
Location: 5th Floor, City Hall
 Associate Director, Strategy and Transformation: Wendy Nordin

Fire Rescue Services

Coordinates fire fighting, rescue and medical activities, and provides training for all personnel. Inspects public buildings, apartments and businesses to ensure that they are safe. Also provides fire safety education programs to city residents, particularly school children. Dispatches all fire emergency calls, not only in the City but the entire Regional District and beyond.
Fire Chief: John Iverson
Deputy Fire Chief: Blake King
Deputy Fire Chief: Officer: Cliff Warner
Locations:  Main Hall, next to City Hall
                     Ospika Hall, 4001 5th Avenue
                     Vanway Hall, 3778 Hwy 16 West
                     Austin Hall, 4555 W. Austin Road

Legal and Regulatory Services

Director: Walter Babicz (Corporate Officer)
Location: 5th Floor, City Hall
This department consists of Legislative Services, Bylaw Services, Procurement, Risk Management and includes the functions of Corporate Officer and Deputy Corporate Officer.

Legislative Services

Deputy Corporate Officer: Deanna Wasnik
Location: 5th Floor, City Hall

Bylaw Services

Responsible for enforcing our parking, animal control, noise, property maintenance, zoning and water usage bylaws.
Manager: Fred Crittenden
Location: 1st Floor East, City Hall

Procurement and Risk Management

Responsible for managing the bidding and tender process for procurement. Responsible for Health & Safety, Fleet Training, and risk management, insurance and claims.
Manager: Ray Borgia
Location: 3rd Floor, City Hall

Public Works

Director: Bill Gaal
Associate Director: Gina Layte Liston
Location: 4050 18th Avenue
This Department is responsible for the Transportation, Utilities, Transit, Parks & Solid Waste divisions, as well as related infrastructure, facilities, fleet and capital projects.


Responsible for the water supply and distribution systems and sewage collection, treatment plants and the enclosed portion of the storm system and storm ponds.
Manager: Blake McIntosh
Location: 4050 18th Avenue

Transit, Parks & Solid Waste

Responsible for park and playground maintenance and construction, sport field and facilities maintenance, special events in City parks, boulevard maintenance, boulevard and park tree maintenance, mosquito and weed control, cemetery and mausoleum operations and residential  solid waste collection services including the operation of the transfer station. This division is also responsible for the administration of the City’s transit system.
Manager: Dave Bradshaw
Location: 4050 18th Avenue


Responsible for road maintenance and snow clearing services to the City’s transportation network, as well as project surveys and inspections. This division is also responsible for maintenance of all City fleet vehicles.
Manager: Flavio Viola
Location: 4050 18th Avenue

Planning & Development

Director: Ian Wells
Location: 2nd Floor, City Hall
This department oversees all land use planning and development approval activities and issues business licenses. Provides engineering services and is responsible for the preparation and administration of the City’s Official Community Plan.


Chief Engineer: Dave Dyer
Location: 4050 18th Avenue

Long Range Planning

Supervisor: Tiina Watt
Location: 2nd Floor, City Hall


Manager: vacant
Location: 2nd Floor, City Hall

Strategic Projects

Manager: Dan Adamson
Location: 1st Floor, City Hall

Corporate Services

Director: Kathleen Soltis
Location: 3rd Floor, City Hall
This Department contains five divisions that have a broad range of responsibilities varying from human resources to financial and information technology services.

Financial Services

Responsible for the City’s Service Centre, cashier support, tax and utility payments and preparation of financial statements.
Manager: Debra Deley
Location: 1st floor, City Hall

Financial Planning

Responsible for investment management, long range financial planning and budget management.
Manager: Kris Dalio
Location: 3rd Floor, City Hall

Human Resources

Manages human resources functions including: recruitment and selection, employee relations advice, training and development, succession management, job evaluation, performance management, payroll, benefits administration and disability management.
Manager: Rae-Ann Emery
Location: 4th Floor, City Hall

Information Technology Services

Responsible for maintaining the City’s computer hardware and software.
Manager: William (Bill) McCloskey
Location: 4th Floor, City Hall

Recreation & Cultural Services

Director: Rob Whitwham
Location: 5th Floor, City Hall
Associate Director: vacant
This department is responsible for building and maintenance of civic facilities, recreation services, the Civic Centre, arenas, aquatics, special events and provides support services to the RCMP detachment.


Supervisor: Jim Worthington
Location: Aquatic Centre, 1770 Munro Street
Four Seasons Leisure Pool, 700 Dominion Street


Civic Facilities


Manager: Leland Hanson
Location: 1st floor, City Hall


Community Partnerships


Manager: Brad Beckett
Location: 1st floor, City Hall


Community Arenas


Manager: Wade Loukes
Location: CN Centre, 2187 Ospika Boulevard


CN Centre


Manager: Glen Mikkelsen
Location: CN Centre, 2187 Ospika Boulevard


Events & Civic Centre


Manager: Myles Tycholis
Location: Prince George Civic Centre, 808 Civic Plaza


Police Support Services


Manager: Devon Cooper
Location: RCMP Detachment, 999 Brunswick Street

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