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 Select Committee on a Core Services Review 

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The Select Committee on a Core Services Review was created by Council to oversee the work of a core service review. The core services review will be delivered by KPMG, an independent consultant selected through a competitive bid process to examine the services provided by the City of Prince George and offer recommendations concerning program/service mandates, and opportunities for expense reduction, revenue diversification and operational efficiency.

Select Committee on Core Services Review Members

Mayor Green (Chair)
Councillor Everitt
Councillor Koehler
Councillor Stolz

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These minutes are posted here for your convenience only and are not legal versions.  The legal versions are available from Administration at City Hall, 1100 Patricia Blvd., Prince George, BC.  All minutes are posted in PDF.

collapse  2013
 DocIcon January 18, 2013 (477KB)
collapse  2012
 DocIcon November 2, 2012 (139KB)
 DocIcon October 2, 2012 (128KB)
 DocIcon September 18, 2012 (17KB)
 DocIcon August 30, 2012 (1MB)
 DocIcon July 26, 2012 (17KB)
 DocIcon July 5, 2012 (18KB)
 DocIcon June 27, 2012 (18KB)
 DocIcon May 15, 2012 (17KB)
 DocIcon April 26, 2012 (17KB)
 DocIcon March 21, 2012 (16KB)
 DocIcon February 10, 2012 (16KB)
 DocIcon February 7, 2012 (16KB)
collapse  2014
 DocIcon March 12, 2014 (89KB)

Full Name: Mayor Shari Green
Business Phone: 250.561.7609
E-mail Address:


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