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Enhance PG

Enhance PG - Partnerships for a Clean, Green & Safe Community

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Graffiti Removal Program


The EnhancePG Committee in partnership with GroundWork PG is offering a free Graffiti Removal Program.

GroundWork PG will provide the labour to remove graffiti from private or business properties throughout Prince George. Please note: If Graffiti is located in the downtown core please call the Downtown Business Improvement Association (DBIA) directly at 250-614-1330.


For a Graffiti Free PG brochure click here.

For a Graffiti Removal Program application form click here.

                    Please note: the application will require a photo of the graffiti.

For Graffiti located on City property (i.e. City Parks, City-owned buildings and facilities) click here.

For Graffiti located in the downtown core contact the DBIA at 250-614-1330.

An initiative of the Mayor's Task Force on Crime


Prince George 100th Anniversary Grants

 For information on the Prince George 100th Anniversary Grants click here.


Clean, Green & Safe Neighbourhoods 


Grant Distribution.JPG 

MyPG Social Development Grants


EnhancePG is a volunteer group of citizens committed to strengthening the social, cultural and natural structure of Prince George through partnerships (private, public and corporate) in projects and education. Specifically, we seek to enhance the quality of life for all the residents through clean, green and safe neighbourhoods.



 Planting at Highglen Montessori School
Highglen Montessori School, Community Garden

The Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 12:00 pm in City Hall.
The meetings are open to the public.

Priorities include:


  • Enhanced community participation and pride, and celebration of our unique community.
  • Create educational & project opportunities centered on food security - such as encouraging home gardeners while supporting local producers & community gardens.
  • Advance and promote community partnerships for sustainable projects that protect and enhance our natural & cultural heritage, and a vibrant downtown.
  • Utilize the wisdom & energy of our seniors & youth.
  • Continue to administer the popular Community Enhancement Grant program.

    More information on EnhancePG is available in the Terms of Reference [PDF}.



    EnhancePG - Making PG Even Better! 

    Enhance PG is a volunteer based organization committed to fostering civic pride,
    environmental awareness and municipal beautification through community involvement.



    PG Skates 2014

    On February 16, 2014 EnhancePG hosted the 4th Annual PG Skates event.  The event was hugely successful with over 250 people attending.  Sunny skies, music, clowns, face painting, hot chocolate and demonstrations by the Blizzards Speed Skating Club made for a fun filled day for everyone.  A big thank you to the Outdoor Ice Oval Society of Prince George for their support.


    PG Skates  


     PG Skates Clown


    "Big kids", little kids and clowns all had fun at the 2014 PG Skates event.

    Draw Prize for a Greenhouse

    EnhancePG will have free ballots available at various gardening events throughout PG and again at the BCNE for an opportunity to win a greenhouse.  EnhancePG supports food sustainability and encourages programs that help people grow produce locally.   



    EnhancePG greenhouse made by Corrections Canada. 

    Enter to win a greenhouse by submitting a ballot at various gardening events throughout PG.  

    Draw will be made at the BCNE.

    Good Neighbour Certificates

    The Good Neighbour Certificate of Appreciation is a special way of saying "thank you" for making your neighbourhood better. Click here for Good Neighbour Certificate information and an Application Form.


    Good Neighbour Certificate 

     Sample of the Good Neighbour Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Mayor and the Chair of EnhancePG.



    Advisory Committee on Enhancing Prince George (EnhancePG) members


     The current Advisory Committee on Enhancing Prince George members are:

    • Betty Burbee
    • Marlies Greulich
    • Janet Marren
    • Terri McClymont
    • Sherry Powney
    • Linda Self
    • Frank Van der Lans
    • Allan Wilson
    • Cheryl Livingstone-Leman (Staff Liaison)
    EnhancePG logo 

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