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1986 BC Festival of the Arts Legacy

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The City hosted the 1986 Festival of the Arts and Council agreed to create a trust fund for the $70,000 festival legacy until a decision was made on use of the funds. Initially the legacy funds were to be used to purchase works of art for Discovery Place, which was not constructed.

In December 1992, Council agreed to the following recommendations from the Festival of the Arts Host Committee:

  • That a sculptor be commissioned to create a work of art to reflect the visual and performing arts traditions of Prince George, and to commemorate the hosting, by the City, of the 1986 B.C. Festival of the Arts,
  • That the work of art be designed to blend in with the arts facility and the civic centre plaza, and be located as close to the arts facility as possible,
  • That the City choose the sculptor through a Province-wide competition.
  • It was assumed the Fund would continue to accumulate investment earnings until expended.
  • The Crest Pole project located outside the Two Rivers Gallery was deemed to meet this criteria and some of legacy funds were utilized for this project in 1999.

In January 2002, Council approved

  1. Use of the remaining 1986 Festival of the Arts Legacy Trust to assist in financing the acquisition of future public art of a general nature as outlined in the city's Public Art Policy;
  2. That city capital projects where feasible include an art component and that the responsible Department indicate to council how this requirement can be met.

Public Art can be defined as art that is intended for installation and integration in indoor and outdoor areas of public use. Public Art can take many forms including murals, pavings, sculpture, integrated design, commemorative monuments, fountains, paintings, pictorial histories, park benches, plazas, engineering works designed by artists, art in architecture and art in landscape to name a few.

The remaing funds have now been allocated to Pulic Art in the Downtown.

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