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Legislative Services - Appearing Before Council

There are many instances in which people wish to come before Council to raise concerns or address issues they feel are of importance to the community. Such an appearance before Council is called being a “delegation”.

People wishing to make such an appearance must submit their request in writing. Please fill in the   
Request to Appear as_a Delegation_Form and submit the completed request to:

Corporate Officer c/o Leslie Jackson, Legislative Assistant
1100 Patricia Boulevard
Prince George, BC V2L 3V9
Phone: 561-7605
Fax: 561-0183


Requests for making a presentation are to be in writing and must include:

  • Who the person / group is

  • A brief description of the topic of the presentation

  • Which meeting you would like to attend

  • What are you asking Council to do for you (ie. letter of support, etc.)


Guidelines for Presentations

Requirements of the Request

Requests for an opportunity to make a presentation to Council are to be received by the office of the Corporate Officer no later than 12 noon on the Monday immediately prior to the Council Meeting you would like to attend or as otherwise directed by Legislative Services staff.

As there is a limit to 2 (two) delegations per Council Meeting, your request may be postponed until a later date.

Documentation & Equipment for the Presentation

All documentation, PowerPoint presentations, etc., that will be used during the presentation are to be delivered to the office of the Corporate Officer no later than 12 noon on the Monday immediately prior to the Council Meeting where the presentation will take place.  If there are any further requirements for the presentation, please notify the office of the Corporate Officer by that time so arrangements can be made.

Time Allotted for Presentations

All presentations are to be kept to a maximum of 10 minutes.  This allows ample time for Councillors to ask questions of the presenters, while leaving enough time to deal with all other items on the agenda.


At the Meeting

Once you have been granted a delegation before Council, you will be taking part in a formal occasion at which Council conducts the official business of the City. As such, a high level of decorum is expected, both of the delegates before Council and of members of Council and senior staff in attendance.

The Mayor (or Acting Mayor) is the Chairperson of the meeting, and all comments are to be directed to the chairperson. It is appropriate to address the chairperson as "Your Worship" or "Mayor ______" (or the appropriate name of the Acting Mayor). If you have an occasion to address others in Chambers, it is appropriate to address them as "Councillor ________" or, if addressing staff, "Mr. or Ms. ________".



You can submit your request in person, by mail, fax at (250) 561-0183, or email at

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