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Agendas and Minutes are in Portable Document Format [PDF]. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

For the next scheduled City Council Meeting, the City Council Agenda can be found on this page on the Friday preceding it. If you would like further information on City Council Agenda preparation, or the content of an agenda, please contact the Manager of Legislative Services at

Only those minutes which have been adopted by City Council are included. If you have any questions regarding items listed in the Council Minutes, please contact the Manager of Legislative Services at

These minutes are posted here for your convenience only and are not legal versions. The legal versions are available from Administration at City Hall, 1100 Patricia Blvd., Prince George, BC.

*** Shaw TV will no longer be broadcasting live Council meetings. Recorded versions will be aired on Shaw TV Tuesdays after each meeting. To follow live Council meetings, tune in to our webcast at 6:00pm on meeting nights.***

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Council Committee of the Whole Budget
DocAgenda DateStarting TimeMinutesVoting SummaryVideo
MonDec 15, 20146:00 PM (Amended) n/a n/a video
MonDec 15, 20144:00 PM n/a n/a n/a
MonDec 01, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonNov 03, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
MonOct 20, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
WedOct 08, 20146:00 PM ** (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
MonOct 06, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
MonSep 29, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
WedSep 10, 201412:15 PM ** minuteshighlights n/a
WedSep 10, 201412:15 PM ** n/a n/a n/a
MonSep 08, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonAug 25, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonAug 18, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
WedJul 30, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
WedJul 30, 20143:30 PM n/a n/a n/a
MonJul 21, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonJul 21, 20144:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonJul 07, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonJun 23, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
WedJun 18, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
WedJun 18, 20144:30 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonJun 09, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
MonJun 09, 20145:30 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonMay 26, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonMay 26, 20144:30 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonMay 12, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonMay 12, 20144:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonApr 28, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
ThuApr 24, 20143:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
ThuApr 24, 20149:00 AM ** minutes n/a n/a
MonApr 14, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonApr 14, 20144:30 PM n/a n/a n/a
MonMar 31, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonMar 31, 20144:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonMar 10, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonMar 10, 20144:30 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonFeb 24, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
MonFeb 24, 20144:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
ThuFeb 20, 201412:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonFeb 17, 201412:15 PM ** minuteshighlightsvideo
MonFeb 03, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
MonFeb 03, 20144:30 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonJan 20, 20146:00 PM (Amended) minuteshighlightsvideo
MonJan 20, 20144:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
ThuJan 09, 201412:00 PMminutes n/a n/a
MonJan 06, 20146:00 PMminuteshighlightsvideo
DocAgenda DateStarting TimeMinutesVideo
MonJul 28, 20146:00 PM n/a n/a
WedJun 25, 20146:00 PMminutes n/a
MonApr 07, 20146:00 PMminutes n/a
MonMar 03, 20146:00 PMminutes n/a
DocAgenda DateStarting TimeMinutesVideo
WedOct 29, 20143:30 PMminutesvideo
WedOct 22, 20143:30 PMminutesvideo
** Special Council Meeting.
Archived Agendas and Minutes

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