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Arts & Culture

Prince George has a vibrant, bustling arts and culture community with wonderfully active volunteer and professional organizations that encourage professional and recreational artists. These strong groups and individuals have created a fabric that is uniquely Prince George. The City of Prince George assists and encouraged many of these groups through a number of programs and activities.

  1. Public Art
  2. Grants
  3. Facilities
         • Playhouse
         • Studio 2880
         • Two Rivers Gallery 
         • Railway and Forestry Museum
         • Prince George Public Library
         • CN Centre and Civic Centre
  4. Connectivity

The City of Prince George endeavours to be BC’s Northern Arts Capital through providing access to the arts for all citizens by supporting the arts, encouraging partnerships, stimulating excellence and acknowledging and promoting the contribution of the arts towards providing an excellent quality of life in Prince George.

The City of Prince George has six guiding principles that help direct its involvement in arts and cultural development.

  1. The arts are integral to all aspects of community life
  2. The status of the arts must be maintained at a high level
  3. Support for the arts is important to the development of the City of Prince George
  4. Learning, appreciation and participation in the arts must be encouraged
  5. Partnerships between the City of Prince George and arts organizations are essential
  6. Excellence is important in artistic endeavours

Public Art

  The City has created a Public Art Advisory group to assist in promoting and developing public art. This dedicated group of volunteers also assists in making recommendations for of a number of other arts and culture issues (e.g. Cultural Grants).

Prince George has a variety of pieces of public art and it continues to grow. In 2007 the “Transforming Public Art” report was created. It inventoried public art and included a public input process on the future of public art in Prince George.

In 2012 the Public Art Advisory developed a downtown walking guide called "Public Art in the Heart of Downtown". Enjoy these works of art while visiting the downtown. If you are interested in Public Art in other areas of the community this Self Guided Public Art Tour is also available. Click here for a more comprehensive listing of the Public Art, the Municipality’s indoor art collection, markers and memorials.


The myPG Social Development Fund has a granting stream focusing on "Cultural Richness". This is one of the strategic priorities of City Council.


The City endeavours to be BC’s Northern Arts Capital through providing access to the arts for all citizens by supporting the arts, encouraging partnerships, stimulating excellence and acknowledging and promoting the contribution of the arts towards providing an excellent quality of life in Prince George. The myPG Social Development Fund supports projects that:


1. Contribute to the creation of a sense of community identity and spirit, and which contribute to an individual’s sense of belonging to the community;

2. Contribute to individual growth and development with particular emphasis on development of the creative potential of people, on youth activities and on community recreation activities;

3. Contribute to developing family strength and cohesion by the provision of opportunities for the family to participate as a unit;

4. Contribute to the understanding of our heritage as a City and Nation, the encouragement of diversity, uniqueness and innovation, and the promotion of respect for diverse cultural traditions;

5. Contribute to community growth and development by fostering increased contact between people of varying groups within the city;

6. Improve coordination and integration of existing services and improve the capacity of board members and staff to plan, develop, promote, manage, and evaluate organizational activities;

7. Are related to identifiable disadvantaged groups within the community and which are intended to remove barriers to access to the arts.


All Cultural Richness projects must contribute to the following strategic goal.

Ø  Citizens enjoy a rich cultural life, with more events, facilities, education and community involvement in the arts.

 Application forms are historically available in October and due in January. Allocations are historically approved in mid-March. Click here to go to the Financial Assistancepage on the City’s website for more information and application forms. 


Prince George Playhouse

The City owns the Prince George Playhouse and is operated by EPI. Click here to go to the Playhouse webpage.    

Studio 2880

·      Studio 2880 is a civic facility that is operated by the Community Arts Council. The two building campus, houses a variety of guilds, groups and activities. These include the CAC offices, Artist gift shop, Preschool of the Arts Potters Guild, Prince George Quilters Guild, Prince George Symphony Orchestra, CFIS Community Radio, Community Foundation, Artist Workshop and the Fibre Arts Guild. Click here to go to the CAC website. Click here to go to the Community Arts Council's website  

Two Rivers Gallery 

This civic facility is operated by the Two Rivers Gallery Society. Click here to go to the Gallery’s website.  

Railway and Forestry Museum

·      The Railway and Forestry Museum is located in Cottonwood Island park and is operated by their non-profit board. Click here for more information.  

Prince George Public Library

·      The Bob Harkins branch of the Prince George Public Library is owned by the City of Prince George. Operations of both branches is funded by the municipality but operated by the Library Board. Click here for more information about the Library.  

CN Centre

·      As Prince George’s premier and largest venue the CN Centre is host to many national and international performing artists and bands. Click here for more information about the CN Centre  




One of Prince George’s strengths is the number of quality volunteers and volunteer organizations in the community. The Arts and Culture benefit enormously from the dedication that these groups and individuals bring. The municipality encourages and assists many of these organizations in a variety of ways, ranging from funding to facilities to helping connect groups and like minded individuals together. Below are a few groups that serve the community and make Prince George a wonderful place to be creative.

All of the following links will take you to websites not operated, maintained or endorsed by the City of Prince George.

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