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Park staff continue to ensure the future of our parks is preserved, protected and safe for everyone to enjoy. The Mountain Pine Beetle Program and Pruning Program are currently under way. Other projects include winterizing park facilities and flood restoration and protection plans.

Mountain Pine Beetle Program in the City of Prince George

Prince George has created a positive response to the loss of mature pine trees in many parks around the city. ForesTree Fest is a community-based initiative supported and organized by local residents, community groups, agencies, businesses and the City of Prince George. Over 3000 trees were planted in the summer of 2005 by hundreds of active volunteers interested in giving something back to their local park, and to the environment. This summer get involved and help replant our parks!

The City of Prince George is also taking a multi-tiered approach to dealing with the mountain pine beetle epidemic within city limits. The first phase or activity is the removal of infected pine trees that pose a safety or fire hazard to residents and property. During the winter of 2004/2005, about 220 truckloads were removed from parks and city owned land. This work will continue this winter in parks throughout the city.

For more beetle control in the city information, or updates, please visit our Urban Forestry website.

Tree Houses

Tree houses can be fun, but on public lands they create hazards and liability concerns. Park staff will remove these development if they are on public lands. To report a tree house on public lands, please call the City of Prince George at 250.561.7600.

City Flower Beds

Information is available on the Flower Beds page.

Tennis Courts

The City of Prince George has over 70 tennis courts located throughout the city. In early April, depending on the weather, the courts will be prepared for community use. Courts located in the bowl area are usually available for play first, followed by the outlying areas up to two weeks later. If you would like to find out where courts are located in your area call the Leisure Services departments at 561-7640. Court locations are listed on the tennis courts page.

Weed Control in the City

The City of Prince George follows an Integrated Pest Management Plan approach to the control of weeds. The primary approach in integrated pest management is prevention of weeds. Maintenance, irrigation, plant selection and healthy turf are the first lines of defense against weeds. Once weeds are identified, integrated pest management promotes utilizing the best strategy to address the problem. Treatment for weeds begins with mechanical control such as frequent mowing and trimming and then the process through other options up to the use of herbicide when necessary. When herbicied application is required, much of the herbicide spraying is done at night, between the hours of 8:00pm and 5:00am. Signage identifying the use of the herbicides at public facilities is put into place 24 hours before spraying and left in place at least 48 hours after the spraying. We are maintaining a 250-metre “no spray zone” around city wells, much wider than the legal and suggested “no spray zones” of 30 metres. We do not broadcast spray herbicides. Herbicides are applied directly on each weed through a handheld sprayer in a backpack.

The City of Prince George is actively exploring options to reduce the use of herbicides in weed control. Our past season successes are reviewed and improvements for reducing the use of herbicides and improving weed control, using the latest technology, are incorporated into the program annually. For more information please contact the City of Prince George at 250.561.7600.

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