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Community Associations

What is a Community Association?


Community Associations are volunteer organizations that deliver recreation programs and community development activities that strengthen communities within a specific geographic area.

It's where:

  • Everyone is welcome.
  • Diversity is respected.
  • Neighbours meet to make friends and be active.
  • Children, families, youth, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, newcomers to the community…attend, participate, belong, lead and learn!

For more information on how to get involved call your local Community Association contact listed below.

What can a community association do for you?

  • Provide recreational programs and special events for children, teens, adults, seniors and families.
  • Volunteer experience for school and work
  • Opportunity for individual growth and development through:
    • Arts
    • Dance
    • Fitness
    • Skill Development
    • Social Opportunities
    • Sport

What can a community association do for your community?

  • Create a sense of place and belonging
  • Builds connection between residents
  • Makes a community a better place to live
  • Provides volunteers new skills and a place to share their abilities and talents
  • Identify and work with residents of the community on issues of common concern
  • Offers opportunities to come together to celebrate events throughout the year

What can you do for your community association?

  • Attend a meeting and introduce yourself
  • Register for one of their programs
  • Volunteer with the set up for a special event
  • Develop your leadership skills and run for a board position
  • Commit one hour a month to a program
  • Challenge your creativity and help with newsletters
  • Share your abilities and talents – Volunteer!


Where and when can I register?


Each Community Association has different registration locations and dates. Please check the Community Active Living Guide for further information. Generally, registration is the second or third week in September, the beginning of January and mid April. Some Community Associations deliver separate flyers through the newspaper or schools, please watch for this information.

Remember! You don't have to be from the area to register for any Community Association's programs. All Community Association programs are open to all residents of Prince George.

Program registration for the Blackburn, Hart, South Bowl and West Bowl Community Associations will be taken on-line at, over the phone at 561-7600 or in person at City Hall, the Aquatic Centre or the Four Seasons Leisure Pool.

Release of Liability


 Anyone registering in a Community Association program must complete an Release of Liability Form.  Please click here to download the form.  Please be sure to take the completed form to the first session of the program you have registered in.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

Anyone registering for a Community Association program between the ages of 15 and 69 must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).  The PAR-Q can be downloaded by clicking here.


What Community Association area do I live in?

Please note that programs are open to all residents and you can attend a program outside your Community Association's area. Click here to see a map of the Community Association boundaries.

Historic Fort George Community Association - Geographic area bordered by the Nechako River to the North, Fraser River to the East, Highway 97 to the West and South. Includes Harwin, Crescents, Carney Hill and South Fort George Community Associations.

West Bowl Community Association - Geographic area bordered by North Nechako Road to the North, Highway 97 to the East, 15th Avenue to the South, and City Limits to the West. Includes Edge Meadow, North Nechako, Quinson, Highland, Highglen, Heritage, Meadow, Foothills, Lakewood and Spruceland areas.

South Bowl - Geographic area bordered by 15th Avenue to the North, Highway 97 to the East, Highway 16 to the South and Tyner Blvd to the West. Includes Pinewood, Westwood, Peden Hill, and Van Bien areas.

Other Community Areas - Beaverly, Blackburn, Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre, College Heights, Hart Highway and Vanway.

Community Association Contacts

Please click on highlighted Community Associations to visit their website.


Community AssociationContactPhone
College HeightsOffice250-964-2662
CrescentsDoug Jeffrey250-562-7035
Hart Office250-970-0240
South BowlOffice250-565-1196
South Fort GeorgePlease contact Community Services.250-561-7640.
VanwayPlease contact Community Services.250-561-7640
West BowlOffice250-565-1320


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