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Memorial Park Cemetery FAQs

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Straight answers to real questions about cemeteries and burial related to the end of life. No family should have to face the loss of a loved one uninformed and unprepared. Questions are grouped into General, Before Cremation, The Cremation Process, and After Cremation categories for easy reference. By clicking on the question you will be taken directly to the answer. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Does a body have to be embalmed before it is buried?
How do I choose the right type of grave?
How soon after or long after a death must an individual be buried?
If I’m going to be cremated, why would I want my remains to be placed in a columbarium, or interred or scattered at the cemetery? Why shouldn’t I just have them scattered in the sea or in some other place of my choosing?
Must I purchase a burial vault?
What are burial vaults and grave liners?
What are lawn crypts?
What are my choices in ground burial?
What is a columbarium?
What is a disinterment? What is the process, and why does it happen?
What is double depth?
What is the difference between lawn crypts and double depth burial spaces?
What options are available besides ground burial?

Care & Maintenance

What guarantee do I have that Endowment Care will take care of the cemetery?
What is endowment or perpetual care?


Can we dig our own grave to avoid the charge for opening and closing?
How much do graves, or lots, cost and why aren’t they priced the same all over?
In a hundred years will this cemetery still be here?
What are the principal types of cemeteries, and how do they differ?
What happens when a cemetery runs out of land?
What is opening and closing, and why is it so expensive?
Why is having a place to visit so important?
Will a cemetery ever be used for something else? Can the bodies be moved and buildings built?


Are there different types of crypts?
Can you actually see the bodies in a mausoleum?
How can a mausoleum help eliminate expense?
How does a mausoleum protect the body?
How many people will a crypt hold?
Isn’t it only for rich people?
What are the advantages of a mausoleum burial?
What happens to a mausoleum if there is an earthquake?
What is a mausoleum?
What is entombment?


Can I resell my grave?
May I make the necessary arrangements in advance?
What happens if I buy cemetery property here, in advance, and later move to another area?
When I buy a grave do I receive a deed just like when I purchase other types of real estate?

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