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Fire Prevention



The Fire Prevention Branch consists of four (4) members.  The Chief Fire Prevention Officer and three (3) inspectors.

We maintain a regular schedule of inspections for public buildings, a seniors smoke alarm program, as well as education programs to the public including:

  • Hazard house school presentations

  • Portable fire extinguisher training

  • Juvenile Fire Setters program

The Fire Prevention Branch conducts fire investigations to determine cause and origin of fires and when requested conducts fire safety inspections for licensed daycares.

  Manufactured Home Fire Safety

Prince George Fire Rescue Service has a brochure available for the owners of Manufactured Homes (Mobile Homes).  The brochure has tips on fire safety, home escape plans and even standards manufactured homes are required to meet if they were built after 1973.  To view this brochure click here.                                                                          



 The Hazard House


Prince George Fire Rescue Service has a great tool for teaching children about fire hazards in the home.  The Fire Prevention Branch uses this tool to educate children in our local schools.  It can also be used where ever young children ages 5 to 8 gather in our community.




Juvenile Firesetters Program



Prince George Fire Rescue Services offers a confidential program free of charge.  This program requires parental consent.  Click here for information on this program.




Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety



CO is often called the silent killer because it is odorless, tasteless and undetectable. <

CO is produced anytime a fossil fuel is burned. Potential sources include gas or oil furnaces, water heaters, space heaters, clothes dryers, barbecue grills, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, gas ovens, generators, and car exhaust fumes.

At high concentration levels CO can be fatal in minutes. Rapidly accumulating in the blood, CO binds to the hemoglobin in your bloodstream, which displaces the oxygen that cells need to function.

Click here to see more information on CO safety.



Fireworks Safety  




Every year there are people in BC who are seriously injured by fireworks.  The Office of the Fire Commissioner and Prince George Fire Rescue Service encourage people to enjoy public firework displays put on by trained personnel, rather than using consumer fireworks.  A copy of Consumer Fireworks Safety Tips can be found below in our documents section.




Fire Inspection Checklists

The City of Prince George has a municipal duty to provide for a regular system of inspection of hotels and public buildings.  The Fire Prevention Branch has the responsibility to ensure this obligation is met.  We often find that the property owner or owner's authorized agent are unsure of their responsibilities.  The property owner or owner's authorized agent are responsible for complying with the requirements of the BC Fire Code.  To assist the owners and their agents we have put together some 'checklists' which highlight some of the main concerns.  These checklists cover buildings which fall into the A, B, C, D and E occupancy classifications.  You will find these checklists in the "Documents" section below.





 How do I make sure the assembly occupancy I manage is safe?
 How often should I hold fire drills in my building?
 If I discover a fire should I try to put it out or leave and call the Fire Department?
 Who is reponsible for checking existing wood stoves and chimneys?



collapse  Escape Planning

 DocIcon Escape Planning Tips (645KB)

collapse  Fire and Safety Equipment

 DocIcon Carbon Monoxide (CO) information (54KB)
 DocIcon CO Safety Tips (403KB)
 DocIcon Home Sprinklers (5MB)
 DocIcon Smoke Alarm Disability Safety Tips (817KB)
 DocIcon Smoke Alarms Tips (334KB)

collapse  Fire Causes

 DocIcon Cooking Safety Tips (675KB)
 DocIcon Electrical Safety Tips (646KB)
 DocIcon Heating Safety Tips (793KB)
 DocIcon Smoking Safety Tips (619KB)

collapse  Fireworks

 DocIcon Agreement of Property Owner (157KB)
 DocIcon Application to Sell Fireworks (220KB)
 DocIcon Consumer Fireworks Permit (272KB)
 DocIcon Consumer Fireworks Safety Tips (315KB)
 DocIcon Display Fireworks Permit (304KB)
 DocIcon Pyrotechnic Special Effects Permit (471KB)

collapse  Household Equipment

 DocIcon 9 Volt Battery Safety (540KB)
 DocIcon Dryer Safety Tips (256KB)
 DocIcon Gel Fuel Safety Tips (3MB)
 DocIcon Generator Safety Tips (723KB)
 DocIcon Lightbulb Safety Tips (284KB)
 DocIcon Microwave Safety (1MB)
 DocIcon Oxygen Safety (379KB)
 DocIcon Turkey Fryer Safety (290KB)
 DocIcon Wood Pellet Stove Safety (736KB)

collapse  Occupancies

 DocIcon High-rise Safety (433KB)
 DocIcon Hotel / Motel Safety (227KB)
 DocIcon Manufactured Home Fire safety Tips (271KB)
 DocIcon Manufactured Homes Safety Tips (999KB)
 DocIcon Public Safety Occupancies Safety Tips (544KB)

collapse  Outdoors

 DocIcon Outdoor Electrical Safety (581KB)
 DocIcon Sky Lanterns (656KB)

collapse  Permit Applications

 DocIcon Application to Install LPG Dispensor (288KB)
 DocIcon Application to install or remove fuel tanks (459KB)

collapse  Populations

 DocIcon Disability Safety Tips (2MB)
 DocIcon Juvenile Fire Setters (371KB)
 DocIcon Young Firesetters Tip Sheet (431KB)

collapse  Public Education

 DocIcon Public Fire and Life Safety Education Adults PG (286KB)
 DocIcon Public Fire and Life Safety Education PG Youth (345KB)
 DocIcon Smoke Alarms PG Version (258KB)

collapse  Unintentional Injuries

 DocIcon Scald Prevention (569KB)

collapse  Vehicles

 DocIcon Car Fire Safety (409KB)

collapse  Fire Causes

 DocIcon Candle Safety Tips (615KB)

collapse  Property Inspection Checklists

 DocIcon Class A Checklist (403KB)
 DocIcon Class B Checklist (401KB)
 DocIcon Class C Checklist (402KB)
 DocIcon Class D Checklist (397KB)
 DocIcon Class E Checklist (398KB)




Contact the Fire Prevention Branch
Full Name: Marcel Profeit
Job Title: Captain
Company: Prince George Fire Rescue Services / Fire Prevention Branch
Business Phone: 250.561.7667
E-mail Address:
Fax Number: 250.561.7703

Full Name: Stephen Feeney
Job Title: Captain
Company: Prince George Fire Rescue Services / Fire Prevention Branch
Business Phone: 250.561.7667
E-mail Address:
Fax Number: 250.561.7703

Full Name: Robert Wiebe
Job Title: Captain
Company: Prince George Fire Rescue Services / Fire Prevention Branch
Business Phone: 250.561.7667
E-mail Address:
Fax Number: 250.561.7703

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