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 Welcome to PG Map! 

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Click here to access PG Map

  PGMap is the City of Prince George's On-line Geographic Information System. Use it to:

  • view property boundaries
  • aerial photography
  • search by address, legal description, parcel Identification number
  • verify zoning and other City bylaw area boundaries
  • find parks and trails
  • print property reports and high quality maps
  • view service connections

Over time, this service will continue to expand as more features are added. Please take some time to review PGMap and let us know your thoughts. Comments can be made to We look forward to ensuring this service meets the needs of our users.

For online Help click here.

New 2014 Imagery Added to PGMap! 

New Imagery 2014

Aerial photography was flown last spring on June 1st, 2014 and has now been added to PGMap. 

This imagery is of very high resolution (7.5cm), compared to that of the previous 2010 (20cm) imagery.

The City of Prince George will be adding other value added datasets to PGMap in the near future including:

  • LiDAR based hillshade (high res)
  • An updated contour base map
  • Near-Infrared spectroscopy

More Online Maps

City of PG Maps

Over the course of 2015, the City of Prince George GIS department endevaours to offer more mapping services to the public. Aside from PGMap, we are focusing on targetted mobile freindly applications.

The first of which is the new Interactive Snow and Ice Map! Come check out our portal, or click on the image below.

SnowplowInteractive Snow and Ice Map: click on any road within the city to view information about:

  • - Priority Level
  • - Snow removal timeframe
  • - Applicable parking restrictions

Notice: Land Title Records

The City of Prince George has had to removed public access to Land title records.  Land title plans are available from the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC.   You can access their website from the following hyperlink:  .  According to the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, "making these records available at no charge for any use other than assessment or taxation purposes is not permitted”.  It is for this reason that we have removed access to Land title records through PGMap.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause. 

ESRI Community Maps

The City of Prince George has contributed it's data to the ESRI Canada Community Maps program.  ESRI has now made this map service available for free.  You can access the Prince George Community Maps service using the link below.


ESRI Community Maps, Prince George

Download PDF Maps

The City of Prince George also offers a digital street centreline map in PDF format. It has a file size of 4.48MB.

Open Data Catalogue

Click here to access the Open Data Catalogue siteTo access the City of Prince George’s Open Data Catalogue, click here.                 

Property Information Search

You can also search property information using our Property Information Web Inquiry. This is separate from our mapping applications.

System requirements

PGMap requires a Microsoft Silverlight Plugin which is automatically installed with most modern web browsers. If you are having issues running PGMap, try upgrading your web browser.

The plug in is available from the Microsoft Silverlight website here Microsoft Silverlight Plug in

The new version of PGMap is available for the following Operating Systems;

Microsoft WindowsMac OS X

and will run in the following web browsers:

Internet ExplorerMozilla FirefoxSafariGoogle ChromeOpera


Terms of use

By starting PGMap, you are agreeing to the terms of use

More Information

For information about PGMap or GIS at the City of Prince George email:


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