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Snow Operations - FAQs


Can you reduce costs?
I didn't know you would be plowing and I think it's unfair that my car got towed away?
I'm very concerned about our environment. Why don't you eliminate the use of salt?
Is it all right to allow my children to dig snow caves along roadside snow banks?
My car has been towed. Where will I find it?
My street was plowed poorly because of parked cars. Can you come back and plow again?
What can I do to avoid being towed and/or ticketed?
When is it O.K. to park on my street again after it has been plowed?
Where can I park downtown at night?
Who can I call if I've got a complaint, request or a suggestion on snow removal?
Why didn’t the City remove all of the snow from the bottom of my driveway?
Why do the plows go so fast?
Why don't you just tow the cars off the street that don't observe the parking bans?
Why don't your drivers put the blades down and plow all the snow off down to the pavement?
It seems like we're always plowed last. Why can't we be first sometimes?

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