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Frozen Water Pipes

Froen Water Pipes  Frozen Water Pipes


Below are some tips on how you can protect your pipes from freezing during the winter months. 

  1. Plan the plowing, shoveling and storage of snow to insulate shallow utilities on your property.
  2. Maintain a temperature of at least 5°Celsius (40°F) in all basement, crawl spaces, garage and closet spaces where water lines enter buildings on your property.  If this is impractical, wrap lines with heat tape.
  3. Check existing heat tapes to make certain they are plugged in and operational.
  4. Insulate all water lines that run along exterior walls.
  5. Run a pencil size continuous stream of water from an existing interior tap during abnormally cold spells. Please notify the City Utility Operations Division at 250.561.7528 when you take this action.

 If you have experienced frozen water pipes during Prince George cold weather in past years, you are invited to fill out a short online survey.  Your participation in this short online survey will help the City of Prince George better serve you.  Information gathered will help us:  update our records; identify actions taken by residents to protect pipes in their home and; plan for the proactive maintenance of City assets like underground piping.




If you have any questions about these tips, please contact the City of Prince George Utility Division at 250.561.7528.

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