Alternative Approval Process

About the Alternative Approval Process

For certain matters, local governments are required to obtain approval from eligible electors before a municipal council can proceed with its decision – such as requesting the Province to expand a municipal boundary or to undertake long-term capital borrowing. Local governments can directly engage citizens about a proposed bylaw and obtain the required elector approval through an alternative approval process (AAP).

How an AAP Works

  • A staff report is provided to City Council that describes the plan for conducting the AAP. It includes key information about the proposed elector approval process and provides staff with an opportunity to plan the process to conduct the potential AAP.
  • Elector response forms are made available at City Hall and on the City's website. Signed forms received after the deadline has passed cannot be counted. If 10 per cent or more of the total number of eligible electors sign and submit response forms, the City cannot proceed with the proposed matter without first holding an assent vote (i.e. referendum).

Current Alternative Approval Processes