Building Permits

Construction vehicles working on the inside of the Canfor Leisure Pool.

Building permits are required for most types of construction, whether it's a new home, a commercial building, or the renovation or expansion of an existing property.

The City of Prince George improves public safety by ensuring buildings comply with City bylaws and British Columbia Building and Plumbing Codes. The City issues building, plumbing, and sign permits and provides advice on building-related matters to Council, other City divisions, and the public.

Do you need a building permit?


    Applying for a building permit

    Make sure to apply for the right building permit before you start your project. Download the required forms, fill them out and attach all necessary documents, and email the completed package to

    If you need to pay a permit fee, you can do it online:

    Schedule an Inspection

    Permit forms

    BC Energy Step Code requirements

    In December 2022, the BC Building Code will require that all new builds must be 20 per cent more energy-efficient than the base building code requirements today, which is Step 3 for Part 9 buildings, and Step 2 for Part 3 buildings. 

    Local governments have the authority to require builders to meet one or more steps prior to the mandatory implementation of the BC Energy Step Code in December 2022. The advantage of this is to prepare builders and designers for the upcoming provincial requirement of Step 3 for Part 9 buildings, and Step 2 for Part 3 buildings.

    Effective September 1, 2022, all Part 3 and Part 9 buildings must comply with Step 1. A building constructed to Step 1 is intended to have as good or better energy performance as a reference building constructed to the BCBC’s minimum prescriptive requirements for energy efficiency. As such, Step 1 of the BC Energy Step Code is intended to help builders familiar with traditional prescriptive codes make a smooth transition to building to performance codes that are focused on outcomes.

    Achieving Step Code compliance

    Plumbing permits

    A plumbing permit may not be required in certain cases. The following projects can be undertaken without a plumbing permit:

    • Removing or replacing a faucet, valve, service water heater, or other similar fixture where no change to the piping is needed.
    • Clearing a stoppage or blockage.

    Applying for a plumbing permit

    Sign permits

    If you need a sign permit, you can apply for one by downloading the sign permit application form and emailing the completed package to

    Preparing your project

    With your permit in tow, you're now ready to start your project. Here are some tips on what you can do to prepare your project site and minimize the possibility of hiccups happening along the way.

    Getting ready