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It all began in 2006, when the Vancouver SPCA called us about a rescue named Tara. Tara was a 13 year old Australian Shepard X, who was removed from her previous owner after a cruelty investigation. Tara had lived a hard life but she did not let that stop her, she loved walks, playing fetch with her new sister Dakota, but mostly, she loved to eat. 
Tara had no teeth, which created a new challenge for us. Up to this point, we bought the usual store bought treats, chews and kibble, but Tara changed everything. To begin, we started making a homemade diet, Tara and our other two rescues loved it. We also began making homemade treats, soft cookies that were easier for Tara to consume.  

We had so much to learn, but shortly after Tara arrived in our lives, she consumed a commercially processed Rawhide and immediately showed signs of a stomach torsion or bloat. As quickly as she entered our lives, she left; just 36 days after picking her up in Vancouver, we lost her. We were stunned, we had no idea that companies would make such dangerous products available and with little or no warning of their consequences. 

Tara started a snowball effect, first we started with making homemade treats and effectively got our friends dogs addicted. Then by developing a homemade diet for our pets; Tara had a lasting effect.  

4 Paws was born, inspired by Tara. We started out as a Bakery, but it did not take long to learn that dogs and cats are carnivores. It's not that dogs won't eat the things we used to make; they were just not very good for them.
With the incidents of allergies, cancer and other illnesses in our pets on the rise, our learning curve was steep. We consulted with holistic vets, researched and learned about the Natural Prey Diet. Single Ingredient Treats, Natural Prey Diet, Flower Remedies, Herbal Supplements and All Natural Chews are the purest and best options for pets. 

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, 4 Paws Pure is proud to have developed the best and purest treats. We continue to work with rescue organizations, fostering and currently we have 4 beautiful failed rescues who we have decided to keep furever.