Zoning & Land Use

Modular, accessible housing in the Hart Highlands neighbourhood in Prince George.

What is zoning?

Zoning is established by each municipality or regional district to regulate how land, buildings, and other structures may be used. For example, residential zones can be defined to reflect different types of residential uses in a community such as single-detached, duplex, and multi-family housing. The following may be regulated within a zone:

  • The use and density of land, buildings, and other structures;
  • Location, size, and dimensions of buildings and other structures and permitted uses;
  • Location of uses on the land and within buildings and other structures; and
  • Shape, dimensions, and size of all parcels of land created by subdivision (this can include establishing minimum and maximum parcel sizes).

Look up the zone for your property using the Permit & Zoning Chatbot.

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