Neighbourhood Plans & Studies

The Millar Addition near downtown is one of Prince George’s oldest neighbourhoods

The Official Community Plan (OCP) provides an overall strategic land-use plan for the city. The OCP does not always address specific land-use issues at the neighbourhood level. Rather, it provides policy direction for the implementation of neighbourhood and area plans by examining issues at the local level.

Neighbourhood and Area Plans

Neighbourhood and area plans are policy documents that provide a clear and comprehensive land-use vision for larger tracts of land. These plans include:

  • Directions for residents, land owners, the community as a whole, and developers about how an area may be developed.
  • Policies to guide land-use decisions over time.
  • Policies to balance social, environmental and economic factors.

These plans are considered when development applications are reviewed within these applicable areas.


The following long-range land-use planning related projects, documents, studies, plans (other than the OCP and neighbourhood plans) provide valuable information about ongoing projects and community engagement opportunities.