Photograph of multi-family housing under construction in Prince George.

​A subdivision creates new, titled parcels of land. Where a proposed subdivision meets the zoning regulations, an application for subdivision can be submitted to the City of Prince George’s Approving Officer. Before submitting an application, please contact us to ensure the proposed subdivision complies with the existing zoning regulations.

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Costs and contacts for a new subdivision

Depending on the scope and complexity of the development, there are costs to consider when planning for a new subdivision including:

  • Application Fees.
  • Servicing costs for connections or extensions of water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer, and off-site works requirements.
  • Consulting fees (may include surveyors, professional engineers, and qualified environmental professionals).
  • Legal and survey costs.
  • Parkland provision requirements.
  • Development Permit application fees.
  • Development cost charges.

In addition, it is recommended these external agencies be contacted with any proposed new subdivision:

  • Private and Public Utilities – BC Hydro, Fortis Gas, Telus, Shaw and Canada Post.
  • Ministry of Transportation.
  • Ministry of Environment.
  • Northern Health Authority (for on-site septic and private water supply).

Apply for a subdivision

These subdivision types will require an application:

  • Adjusting or realigning an existing boundary between parcels although no new parcels are being created.
  • Creating new lots from one or more parcels.
  • Creating lots in a bare land strata development.
  • Creating a phased strata development.
  • Converting a Strata.
  • Subdividing air space parcels.

An application for a new subdivision can be submitted to the City of Prince George’s Approving Officer. 

New subdivision factors to consider