Permit Bylaw Bot

Permit & Zoning Bylaw Chatbot

Welcome to the Permit and Zoning Bylaw Chatbot. This chatbot can help you find information about the permit and zoning bylaw requirements for your property or project. You can ask questions or browse topics using the menu below.

If you'd like to speak to a person, please go to our contact page or call us at 311.

    Please note that this chatbot is not a substitute for professional advice and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. You should always consult with Development Services before starting any construction or renovation project.

    Some helpful tips

    • Use the menu buttons. This chatbot can generate answers based on the information on this website, but it has several built-in FAQs that provide vetted and accurate information about common topics. If you don't see a button about a certain topic, then feel free to type a question into the chat.
    • Be specific! The more information you provide the chatbot, the more relevant its answers will be. If the chatbot fails to find the answer the first time, try rewording your question slightly.

    This chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence and may collect and store any information you provide it. This data is used to improve the chatbot's performance and provide you with a better service. Please do not provide any sensitive or personally identifying information while using this chatbot.

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