Exterior shot of City Hall in the fall with autumn foliage.

Perform Your Civic Duty

General Local Elections are held in Prince George every four years to elect a Mayor, Councillors, and other local officials like School District #57 trustees. Learn about our local elections and find out how you can do your part for our community and democracy by casting a vote during election season.

About Municipal Elections

Through general local elections, residents and non-resident property electors determine the individuals who collectively will make decisions and govern on their behalf following general voting day. Electors do this by voting – casting their ballots in favour of a candidate(s).

In BC general local elections for mayor, councillors, electoral area directors and school trustees are held every four years on the third Saturday of October.

General local elections are a shared responsibility between local governments and Elections BC. Each local government is responsible for running its own general local election and must appoint a local Chief Election Officer to run the elections process. General local elections must be run in accordance with the Local Government Act, the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, the Community Charter, the School Act, and election-related bylaws.

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