Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Construction crews digging up old water pipe infrastructure

Significant capital projects

Council received an update on significant capital projects during their October 31 regular Council meeting. This update informed Council of the City’s capital budget and performance for significant projects over $1 million during 2023. This report also includes, with no threshold, any debt-funded projects; any spending in…

Our infrastructure

Infrastructure is a very broad term that covers a large number of things from physical buildings and roads to City services. Learn about Prince George's civic infrastructure and how they serve our community.

Capital projects

Capital projects are often - but not always - major infrastructure undertakings like building new facilities or repairing roads and sidewalks that involve significant spending.

2023 - 2027 Capital Plan

The capital plan includes a list of the projects that have been funded in 2023. Their completion is dependent on the availability of contractors, changes in material and labour costs, weather, and other related considerations.

Transparency and accountability

Beginning in late 2020, the City focused its efforts on a number of corrective measures to improve transparency and accountability related to capital project structure and processes. The steps Council and Administration have taken include:

  • Reducing the City Manager's delegated authority to amend project budgets to five per cent of the project budget, up to a maximum of $100,000 per project.
  • Council will review budget amendments approved under the City Manager's authority once every three months.
  • Considerating hiring external project management services for significant capital projects. This was first put into practice for the downtown YMCA daycare construction project that was completed on-time and under budget in 2021.
  • Conducting external reviews of the City's capital management processes and developing a new project management framework to provide project delivery consistency.
  • Approving a whistleblower policy in 2021 that ensures all City employees and elected officials have a clear, confidential roadmap to bring their concerns forward.