Access to Information

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Maps and Open Data

The City of Prince George's flagship mapping service, PGMap, lets you see everything from administrative boundaries to zoning info and more. Our Open Data portal also lets you access dashboards, statistics, and other information related to City administration.

Routinely available records

Routinely available records

Often the information / records sought by the public is readily available on the City's website.  It is a good practice to start by reviewing the City's website as the information may be available online, at no charge. 

Some records or information may not be available on the City's website but you may be able to access them easily by contacting the relevant City departments*.  You will not need a written request for routinely available information.

If the department does not have the information you are seeking, you will either be directed to the department that does or if the information is not routinely available, please visit the City's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy webpage.

*If you are unsure which department has the information you are searching for, please contact the Service Centre:

Phone: 3-1-1 (or 250-561-7600 outside city limits)