Citizens encouraged to have their say on City communications

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Prince George, B.C. - The City of Prince George is starting a communications and engagement survey this week.

The City engaged Discovery Research to conduct a mail-in survey of a random sample of 1100 residents, with surveys due to arrive in mailboxes in the coming days. Those who complete the mail in survey can be entered into a draw to win Visa gift cards.

A second online survey will also be made available via the City of Prince George website and social media channels from July 26 to ensure all citizens have an opportunity to participate. The data for this will be collected separately as it is not considered statistically significant however, views of Prince George citizens are always considered significant. This online survey will remain open until August 14 at 4pm.

The purpose of the surveys and gathering this information is so it can be used to develop a communications and engagement strategy. This strategy aims to provide the information citizens are most interested in, delivered via a method they would most like to receive it, and ensures the City continues to engage citizens on issues they are passionate about.

This strategy follows the 2022 Council communications policy established to ensure public information is provided in a timely, transparent, accurate, consistent, and appropriate manner. This policy also established the following guiding principles. The City will:

  1. Provide information that is timely, accurate, clear, accessible, and responsive.
  2. Consider the range of communication tools at our disposal and use those most appropriate to address the needs associated with each circumstance.
  3. Work collaboratively across the organization to ensure that information is thorough, factual, and timely.
  4. Respect the access to information and privacy rights of citizens and employees.
  5. Support opportunities for engagement to inform public policy.
  6. Strive to achieve a culture of two-way communication and communications excellence practices.

Mayor Simon Yu said this survey was another way the City can hear from citizens about what they like, and what areas need improvement when it comes to City communication and engagement.

“Local governments have diverse sets of audiences to communicate with and to hear from so we need to make sure we do whatever we can to address those diverse needs,” he said.

The deadline for completed paper surveys is August 11, and then once results have been compiled they will be used to draft the communications and engagement strategy which will be presented to Council later this year.

Media contact:

Claire Thwaites, senior communications advisor
Mobile: 778-349-1386