Council meeting summary - August 16 2023

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Here are some highlights from the August 16, 2023, City Council meeting. For more information – including the full agenda listing – read the Regular Council Meeting Agenda and its attachments.

Ginter’s parking lot to be paved

Council approved a proposed change in scope for the approved Foothills Blvd 18th Ave Roundabout Project to add the grading and paving of the adjacent UNBC Connector Trail (Ginter’s Trail) parking lot.

This proposal was put forward as this report shows the Roundabout Project is set to come in under budget. The approved budget is for $1.6 million, with costs projected to be less than $1.4 million. The remaining $200,000 budget will now be used to cover the cost of grading and paving the adjacent UNBC Connector Trail parking lot.

Building permits update

Council received a Building Permit and Development Permit Summary for the months of June and July. The report includes all residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional permits, and the estimated total construction value of each development.

In June a total of 56 building permits were issued, and in July the total was 39.

The report also included figures from previous years and shows the year-to-date figure for 2023 is 220 permits representing approx. $81.19 million, compared to 2022 when the city issued 288 permits representing $174.74 million.

Community to community program

Council agreed to support an application being submitted by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George under the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) 2023 Regional Community to Community (C2C) Program. The application is for a $10,000 grant that will be used towards two C2C forums between the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation, City of Prince George and Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

The City will participate in the two planned C2C forums, scheduled for September 29 and October 27.

No change to public notice bylaw

A report and motion put forward to amend the City’s public notice bylaw to require local newspapers be included as a required means of publication for public notices was not passed.

There will be no change to the current bylaw.

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