Council meeting summary - October 30, 2023

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Capital Projects and Infrastructure

Here are some highlights from the October 30, 2023, City Council meeting. For more information – including the full agenda listing – read the Regular Council Meeting Agenda and its attachments.

Capital Projects update

Council received a financial report on significant capital projects (which are projects over $1 million) showing the progress for 2023.

This report informs Council of the City’s budget as compared to actual performance for its major capital projects.

The report shows that the roundabout project at Foothills and 18th Avenue was completed under budget, and the Shane Creek Bridge Deck is also expected to come in under budget. The bridge resurfacing final costs are still being finalized.

2024 Council meeting schedule

Council was presented with two options in the report for the 2024 Council Meeting calendar. Council decided to continue with past practice of scheduling most meetings on Mondays.

Consideration was given to the scheduling and travel required to attend the annual municipal conferences and conventions for the North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA), Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM), and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) as well as the scheduling of statutory holidays throughout the year.

The first council meeting for 2024 is scheduled for January 8, with budget meetings scheduled for the 22nd , 24th and 29th of January. The 2024 Council Meeting Calendar can be found here.

Building permit summary

Council received a Building Permit and Development Permit Summary for the month of September. The report includes all residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional permits, and the estimated total construction value of each development.

In September a total of 38 building permits were issued, made up of 8 commercial/industrial permits and 30 residential permits. Four permits for new commercial buildings were issued in September worth a combined $26.6 million. This brings the year-to-date commercial/industrial permits total to 60, down from 2022 where there was 73 but up from 2021 where there was 55.

The report also shows the total year-to-date figure for 2023 is 307 permits representing approx. $127.4 million.

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