Request for Public Comment: 4292 22nd Avenue

Development Services
Public Notices

Application Regarding: Official Community Plan Amendment Application No. CP100196 (Bylaw No. 9371)

Subject Property: 4292 22nd Avenue

Applicant: Hayer R. Construction Firm Inc., Inc. No. BC0905719

Development Services is requesting public comment on the proposed amendment to “Schedule B-6: Future Land Use” of “City of Prince George Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 8383, 2011” by re-designating the subject property from Neighbourhood Residential to Neighbourhood
Corridor, as shown on Appendix “A” to Bylaw No. 9371.

Written comments are requested to be received by Development Services before 5:00 p.m., August 21, 2023.

Contact: Development Services, 250-561-7611,