Statement from Mayor Yu, City of Prince George

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Prince George, BC – Prince George Mayor Simon Yu released the following statement in response to threats made on social media aimed at members of the Jewish community in Canada: 

“Prince George is a city of prosperity, peace and progress, not hate. This week we heard and saw record of countless tragic terrorist attacks indiscriminately targeted at Israeli civilians. Our city is horrified.   

As Mayor, I denounce and condemn the acts of the terrorism by Hamas, a group which the Government of Canada has rightly identified as a terrorist organization. I unequivocally denounce and condemn murder, kidnapping and rape of innocent Israeli civilians. 

Anyone who feels threatened online or by other means, I urge you to contact the RCMP. 

As I said at the vigil in front of Prince George City Hall on Wednesday, we mourn the victims and all people impacted by these horrific and ongoing acts of terrorism."

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