Is the City building a road through Ginter's Meadow? Why is a roundabout necessary at Foothills and 18th Avenue?

Fact Check

Why is a roundabout necessary at Foothills and 18th Avenue?

The roundabout project provides better access to a nearby development and existing apartment buildings on Glen Shee Road and improves intersection road safety.  Roundabouts reduce the number and type of conflict points compared to signalized intersections, thereby decreasing the number and severity of collisions.

Does the roundabout project mean a road will be built through Ginter's Meadow?

While building a road extension of Massey Drive and Foothills Boulevard through the area commonly referred to as "Ginter's Meadow” is on the capital plan as a possible future project, it is not a funded project in the 2023-2027 Capital Plan. In other words, it is not an immediate priority.  Municipalities are required under the Community Charter to provide a financial plan spanning five years. When drafting a five-year plan, staff bring forward their highest priority projects for consideration based on factors like facility assessments, asset master plans, public consultation, and social, economic, and environmental impacts.

The City’s Official Community Plan (OCP) states that the Ginter's Meadow area could be used to build a road to accommodate future need as defined in the Growth Management Plan. In October 2022, staff prepared a report to Council to provide an overview of the process to amend the OCP bylaw after Ginter’s Green Forever requested the City remove the proposed Massey Drive and Foothills Boulevard road extensions and designate the area from 18th Avenue to Ferry Avenue as Parks and Open Space. Council directed staff to include consideration of the requests as part of the review and renewal of the OCP in 2023.

The OCP guides decisions on planning and land-use management in the city and is up for review roughly every 10 years.  Council, staff, and citizens use the OCP as a critical planning tool to help make decisions related to:

  • Housing locations
  • Transportation priorities
  • Lands protected from development
  • Protecting development from hazards
  • Providing services for more sustainable development

The OCP review will begin this year and will continue into 2024. It will include extensive community engagement. All citizens are encouraged to take part in the many opportunities that will be provided. 

Read the June 6, 2023, news release about the roundabout project: