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Fire prevention education

Stopping fires from happening is just as important - if not more so - than putting them out when they happen. Our Fire Rescue's Fire Prevention Branch works with fire suppression and fire dispatch staff to boost fire safety awareness in the city through public education. We offer presentations and programs to help reduce the number of accidents at home, in the workplace, or at school. 

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Programs for children

The two main programs for school-age children are the Hazard House Safety Presentation (Kindergarten to Grade 3) and the Community Safety Net Program (Grade Four).

The Youth Fire Setter Program is also available for children aged five (5) to 18. Please call 250-561-7667 if you have concerns about a child's unusual interest in playing with or starting fires.

Programs for adults and seniors

Adult presentations include Portable Extinguisher Training, Fire Safety in the Workplace, and Fire Warden Training. Other programs are also available.

The Fire Safety for Seniors Program is designed to help senior residents living on their own refresh fire safety knowledge and procedures.

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