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A range of housing types that can accommodate people of different ages, life stages, incomes and abilities is one of the fundamental elements of a healthy and inclusive community.  The City plays a key role in facilitating the creation and retention of a diverse housing stock.  The following programs have been developed to ensure that Prince George offers a range of housing options, across the housing continuum (ranging from housing for vulnerable populations to home-ownership options).


Multi-Family Housing Incentives Program

The City's Multi-Family Housing Incentives Program offers tax exemptions and reductions in development cost charge for eligible projects.  Projects are required to include Adaptable Housing features in 50% of the units.  Adaptable Housing includes wider doorways and hallways, a no-step entry, and a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom on the main floor.  Adaptable Housing makes it easier for people to live in their home throughout various life stages.  Projects that incorporate affordable housing are eligible for the greatest incentive.   



Accessible Housing

A key goal of the City is to provide affordable and accessible housing.  The City has developed both Adaptable and Visitable Housing Standards in order to guide developers, builders and residents that want to make their home more accessible.   More information is available here.  The City's Advisory Committee on Accessibility also serves as a resource for people looking for information on accessible housing.


Secondary Suites

Secondary suites are a means of creating affordable housing for both homeowners and renters within all single-family areas.  Secondary suites are permitted in all single-family dwellings throughout the City of Prince George.  The City's Guide to Constructing or Legalizing a Secondary Suite explains the requirements for building or legalizing an existing suite.



RS4: Narrow Lot Houses

In October 2014, the City expanded the RS4: Single Residential Zone to facilitate infill housing on narrow lots within the bowl area of Prince George. Expanding the RS4 zone responds to the policies in Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 8383, 2011 (OCP) that clearly support small lot infill housing in the bowl neighbourhoods.  Properties within the RS4 zone that are less than 11 m wide require an Intensive Residential Development Permit (DP) and must follow the DP Guidelines.  The purpose of the DP process is to create housing that achieves high-quality design and respects the form and character of the surrounding neighbourhood.


City of Prince George Housing Need and Demand Study

​Throughout 2014 and 2015 the City contracted the Community Development Institute to conduct a Housing Need and Demand Study.  Follow the links below to access:

The City of Prince George’s Select Committee on Homelessness and Affordable Housing is championing local government’s role in the development of affordable housing policy by:
  • Adopting a Housing First approach to the elimination of homelessness;
  • Advocating for new affordable housing construction and the maintenance of existing forms of affordable housing;
  • Determining where affordable housing units can be located using a comprehensive site selection criteria;
  • Reviewing current and recommending new municipal bylaws and development regulations to support affordable housing initiatives and;
  • Developing and enhancing partnerships with all levels of government, the local social service sector and forging new relationships with the private sector.


Full Name: Hillary Morgan
Job Title: Planner 1
Business Phone: 250.561.7657
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Full Name: Tiina Watt
Job Title: Manager of Sustainable Community Development
Business Phone: 250.561.7731
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