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  Current Planning and Development

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Welcome to the Planning and Development Division page. This page was designed for you to easily find information on numerous development related topics and includes: answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ); Circulars that describe our various development review processes; as well as electronic versions of the City's development bylaws and policies. If you have any questions about this information, and would like to contact one of our friendly staff, please see the contact list below.



Current Planning
Development Servicing
Building, Plumbing
and Sign Permits
and Inspections




The Official Community Plan has its own page, complete with documents and maps

City of Prince George Flood Plain Bylaw No. 8285, 2010

Read Flood Plain Regulation Bylaw No. 8285, 2010


Zoning Bylaw No. 7850, 2007

 A bylaw of the City of Prince George to establish and provide for zoning and other development regulation in order to implement the Official Community Plan, thereby fostering the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the community.


About Us


The Planning and Development Department was created to provide our customers with "one-window" for development review and approval in the City of Prince George. The functions and responsibilities of this division are broken into 4 work groups:

  1. Community Planning is made up of Current and Long Range Planning.  Current Planning is responsible for reviewing development related applications such as Zoning Bylaw and Official Community Plan amendments, Development Permits and Variance Permits, as well as Liquor License, Agricultural Land Reserve, Land Use Contract, and Soil Removal and Deposit Designation applications. maintenance, conversion, development, and redevelopment. Long Range Planning is responsible for the development of long term planning policies and bylaws relating to land conservation, maintenance, conversion, development, and redevelopment.  This includes land use planning documents such as the Official Community Plan, neighbourhood and area plans, and Parks and Open Space Master Plan. In addition staff advise Council on a wide range of land use issues;
  2. Infrastructure and Subdivision is responsible for the guidance of subdivision approval process with respect to servicing, street lighting, lot grading, Access Permits and drainage on fee simple lands, as well as Soil Removal and Deposit Permits;
  3. Building Inspection is responsible for ensuring that construction of buildings and structures meets the standards of the Building Bylaw, B.C. Building Code, and applicable Federal Regulations. Other responsibilities include plan review and processing related applications for Building, Plumbing, Sign, Demolition, Street Occupancy and Moving Permits;
  4. Real Estate Services

Our division is dedicated to growing a proud and confident community by supporting a healthy economy, high quality of life for all residents, and environmental sustainability. We look forward to working with you in the future!





Full Name: Planning and Development Department
Business Phone: 250-561-7611
E-mail Address:

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