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  Zoning Bylaw

This is the Table of Contents for the City of Prince George Zoning Bylaw No. 7850, 2007. All documents are in Portable Document Format [PDF].

Sections 1 through 7

SectionSection Name
1 Administration
2 Interpretation
3 Enforcement
4 General Development Regulations
5 Specific Use Regulations
6 Landscaping and Screening
7 Parking and Loading

Section 8 - Development Permit Guidelines

SectionSection Name
8.1 General Provisions
8.2 Commercial Form & Character
8.3 Downtown Development
8.4 Flood Hazard
8.5 Groundwater Protection
8.6 Industrial Form & Character
8.7 Intensive Residential
8.8 Multiple Residential Form & Character
8.9 Riparian Protection
8.10 Wildfire Hazard

Section 9 - Rural Zones

SectionZoneSection Name
9.1AG, AGn Greenbelt
9.2AF, AFn Agriculture & Forestry
9.3AR1 Rural Residential
9.4AR2 Rural Residential
9.5AR3, AR3m Rural Residential
9.6AR4 Rural Residential

Section 10 - Residential Zones

SectionZoneSection Name
10.1RS1, RS1m Suburban Residential
10.2RS2, RS2m Single Residential
10.3RS3 Single Residential
10.4RS4 Urban Residential
10.5RS5, RS5c Manufactured Homes
10.6RT1 Two-Unit Residential
10.7RT2 Two-Unit Residential
10.8RT3 Residential Cluster
10.9RM1 Multiple Residential
10.10RM2 Multiple Residential
10.11RM3 Multiple Residential
10.12RM4 Multiple Residential
10.13RM5 Multiple Residential
10.14RM6 Mid-rise Residential
10.15RM7 High-rise Residential
​10.16RM8​ Mixed-use Residential

Section 11 - Commercial Zones

SectionZoneSection Name
11.1C1, C1l Downtown
11.2C2 Regional Commercial
11.3C3 Neighbourhood Commercial
11.4C4, C4l Local Commercial
11.5C5 Visitor Commercial
11.6C6, C6l Highway Commercial
11.7C7 Transitional Commercial
11.8C8 Commercial Conversion
11.9C9, C9r Outdoor Recreation

Section 12 - Business and Industrial Zones

SectionZoneSection Name
12.1M1, M1n Light Industrial
12.2M2, M2n General Industrial
12.3M3, M3n Business Industrial
12.4M4 Transition Industrial
12.5M5 Heavy Industrial
12.6M6 Special Heavy Industrial
12.7M7 Concrete and Asphalt

Section 13 - Recreation and Institutional Zones

SectionZoneSection Name
13.1P1 Parks and Recreation
13.2P2 Minor Institutional
13.3P3 Major Institutional
13.4P4 Higher Education
13.5P5 Cemetery
13.6P6 Special Institutional
13.7W Water Recreational

Section 14 - Utility Zones

SectionZoneSection Name
14.1U1 Minor Utilities
14.2U2 Major Utilities

Section 15 - Site Specific Zones

SectionZoneSection Name
15.1Z1 Airport
15.2Z2 Exhibition Park
15.3Z3 Retail & Warehouse Sales
15.4Z4 Limited Retail
15.5Z5 Retail & Warehouse Sales
15.6Z6 Casino & Accommodation
15.7Z7 La Salle Family Resource Centre
15.8Z8 Regional Shopping
15.9Z9 Hill Avenue
15.10Z10 Airport Plaza
15.11Z11 Fraser River Bench Lands
15.12Z12 Non Profit Housing
15.14Z14 Fraser River Bench Lands Compact Community
15.15Z15 Highland Community Centre
15.16Z16 Blackburn Commercial
15.17Z17 Monterey Road Commercial
15.18Z18 Monterey Road Residential

Schedules to Bylaw No. 7850

Schedule "A" - see zoning map layer in PG Map

Schedule "B" - see HBO map layer in PG Map

Schedule "C" - Hill Avenue

Schedule "D" - Permitted Area for Scientific and Technical Consulting

Schedule "E" - Preferred Downtown Street Wall Height

Schedule "F" - Downtown Commercial Street Types

Schedule "G" - Area A and Area B for Zone Z16

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