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  Active Transportation

Active Transportation includes all forms of human-powered travel such as walking, cycling, skiing, canoeing and the use of mobility assisted devices.  These Active Transportation modes can use on-road or off-road facilities such as trails, sidewalks, walkways, bike lanes, and may also be combined with the use of Public Transit.  These trips primarily take place to and from work, shopping, entertainment areas, school and community facilities or even to visit a friend.  Active Transportation facilities increase accessibility, tourism potential, and the health and quality of life while reducing vehicle emissions, energy use, and travel or infrastructure costs.



Active Transportation Plan - Approved

On October 17, 2011, City Council approved the Prince George Active Transportation Plan. 

The City of Prince George developed the Active Transportation Plan to guide the development of a continuous, safe and enjoyable Active Transportation Network.  The development of the Active Transportation Plan began in the Spring of 2009 with an Open House where people provided their 'vision' for Active Transportation, completed surveys, and identified key barriers or links.  The Active Transportation Plan incorporates policies and standards from existing plans such as the Cycle Network Plan, City Centennial Trails Project, Pedestrian Network Plan, Transit Service Review, Active Communities Strategic Plan and others that relate to the development and management of the Active Transportation Network. 

The Plan makes a number of recommendations to Active Transportation standards and guidelines, infrastructure, as well as policies and programs.  The Plan also outlines an implementation strategy that includes the adoption of standards, development of new infrastructure, implementation of policies and programs, as well as recommended funding levels.

To view the Plan, click on the links below. 

Presentation to Council

The Active Transportation Plan was received by Council on Monday, February 7th, 2011.  Upon receiving the Plan, Council directed staff to provide a report on the policy framework, operating and capital costs associated with the Active Transportation Plan.  This report was prepared by City Administration and was presented to Council on October 17, 2011.  At that time, Council adopted the report recommendations which included a formal approval of the Active Transportation Plan along  with the consideration of the Active Transportation projects and operational funding requirements in the 2012 budget discussions.

To view the Council Reports and PowerPoint presentation, please click on the links below.

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