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  Achieving Large Scale Change: Collective Impact

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  Find out how to Tackle Complex Social Problems through Collective Impact by clicking here 


In early 2012, a small team developed a graphic to visually capture the number and diversity of working groups, collaboratives, and initiatives functioning in the social development realm.  It became known as the "hub model".


The model was also intended to generate discussion about the feasibility of creating a hub that would help support aligned activities.  It was suggested that hub be hosted by the City of Prince George and be guided by a social development advisory body.  Community discussions to introduce the concept and identify functions of the "hub" were hosted over several months with a range of stakeholders.  A number of potential roles for the hub were suggested including:

  • Service Coordination
  • Facilitation and Engagement
  • Partnership Development
  • Funder Relationships
  • Identification of Opportunities
  • Communication

In late 2015, the Select Committee on Homelessness and Affordable Housing reviewed the model and discussed how it might be moved forward.  This resulted in discussion about the hosting of a community-wide facilitated workshop to determine the functions of the hub model and confirm an associated governance structure.  In preparing for the workshop it became clear that many cities in Canada and the US were achieving large-scale social change through a process called "Collective Impact" involving five key elements including "backbone support".  Backbone support activities were similar in nature to the functions identified by key stakeholders engaging in conversation about the proposed City of Prince George Social Advisory Hub.  

As such, the City of Prince George engaged the Tamarack Institute to help community stakeholders explore the feasibility of introducing a collective impact approach in Prince George.   This webpage contains documents and links related to our community's collective impact journey. 



CI logo2.pngCollective Impact is a disciplined, cross-sector approach to solving complex social and environmental issues on a large scale

The Five Conditions of Collective Impact:

  • Common Agenda
  • Shared Measurement
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities
  • Continuous Communication
  • Backbone Support
Community Stakeholder workshop June 9.jpg
Community Stakeholders working with Liz Weaver of the Tamarack Institute at the Collective Impact workshop on June 9th

 Backbone organizations provide dedicated staff to support the work of partners by:

  • Guiding Vision and Strategy
  • Supporting Aligned Activities
  • Establishing Shared Measurement Practices
  • Building Public Will
  • Advancing Policy
  • Mobilizing Funding 

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Full Name: Chris Bone
Job Title: Manager, Social Planning
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Full Name: Sarah Brown
Job Title: Coordinator, Social Planning
Business Phone: 250.614.7897
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