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  myPG Goals

Social Development

Affordable, Accessible Housing: Prince George has eliminated homelessness and offers all of its citizens accessible, affordable and safe housing.

Clear Identity and Pride: Citizens of Prince George share a clear identity that the community can be proud of, with a strong downtown and connection to its rivers and natural surroundings.

Cultural Richness: Citizens enjoy a rich cultural life, with more events, facilities, education, and community involvement with the arts.

Equity and Inclusion: People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and income levels can access services that help to meet their needs and improve their quality of life.

Health and Wellness: Prince George is a community that encourages and supports health and wellness.

Safe Environment: Prince George is a community where all citizens feel safe.

Supportive and Engaged Community With Strong Neighbourhoods: Prince George is a friendly and engaged community with strong social connections that recognizes, celebrates, and protects neighbourhood identities.



Clean Air: Citizens enjoy clean air.

Clean Water: Waterways and the water supply are protected and consumption is reduced.

Green City, Green Practices: Prince George is a green city with healthy habitat and forests, and a strong environmental consciousness, led by government and local organizations that demonstrate sustainable practices.

Green Energy: Prince George is a green energy leader.

Reduce Carbon Emissions and Adapt for Climate Change: Prince George has reduced carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, and is prepared for climate change.

Reduced Waste: Prince George has reduced solid waste production and landfilling.


Economic Development

Diversified Economy: Prince George is a sustainable knowledge based resource economy, connected to the world, able to respond well to changing global trends.

Vibrant Economy: Prince George is the primary education, business, health care, and supply and services centre supporting economic growth in Northern BC. Our local economy has a vibrant downtown, a growing population, competitive and resilient businesses, diversified resource development, and is an education and research centre.

Employment Diversity and Accessibility: Prince George is a city with many employment and investment opportunities that suit the diversity and aspirations of its residents, and offers a variety of research, training, and educational programs to ensure residents can access these opportunities.

International Connections: Prince George is a global city, with a growing population of immigrants and international students, and a well-established reputation as an international transportation hub on Canada's Northern Gateway.

Sustainable Business: Prince George is home to a highly competitive business climate that supports sustainable development within the region.

City Government

Sustainable Infrastructure: The City manages the procurement, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement of its physical assets considering lifecycle cost, risk, and service level continuity.

Sustainable Fiscal Management: The City will be financially sustainable, with the revenue resources required to support its plans and infrastructure and provide services that citizens and businesses need.

Organizational Excellence: The City is a responsive, cost effective, people centred service delivery organization that understands customer needs and strives to exceed the expectations of those it serves.

Healthy Workplace: The City fosters and supports an environment that encourages employees to reach their full potential, involves its employees in addressing issues related to well-being, and ensures that the barriers that prevent employees from efficiently doing their best work are identified and addressed.

Effective Governance: The City works cooperatively with its partners in the government, education, health, and business sectors, and with the Lheidli T'enneh and other aboriginal organizations.


 myPG PART 1 - Community Goals and Actions                                      myPG PART II - Detailed Strategic Plan 

​What is myPG?

myPG is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ISCP) - a community sustainability initiative supported by community organizations which identify the community's goals for the future of Prince George, the future we all desire.

The myPG plan expresses the community’s vision and goals for the future. Community organizations and the City have strategies to achieve them.

City of Prince George Strategies

Prince George City Council's Strategic Plan sets the direction to develop myPG on behalf of the community. The City Manager provides an update within these strategy areas (Social Development, Environment, Economic Development and City Government) to Council and the Community on the progress toward Council's Strategic Plan, and the relationship to myPG. 

Official Community Plan

One of many projects completed to achieve the myPG goals is the City's Official Community Plan (OCP).  The OCP helps make decisions on things like where we locate housing, what our transportation priorities are, and how we provide services for more sustainable development.  This OCP was developed by the goals identified in the myPG Plan with the community and is now in action.  For information on this process and to view the OCP, click here.

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