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Social Development
The City of Prince George is committed to a population health approach to social development, which considers a broad range of social impacts.

The City of Prince George and its partners are committed to protecting our air, water and terrestrial environments.

Economic Development

The City of Prince George is committed to creating a more diversified, vibrant, growing economy in which citizens have access to a wide range of employment opportunities.

City Government
The City of Prince George is committed to citizen centered service and sustainable fiscal management. Our corporate values stress strong leadership, respect for the individual, and personal and professional development for our workforce.


Affordable, Accessible Housing
Clear Identity and Pride
Cultural Richness
Equity and Inclusion
Health and Wellness
Safe Environment
Supportive and Engaged Community with Strong Neighbourhoods

Clean Air
Clean Water
Green City, Green Practices
Green Energy
Reduce Carbon Emissions and Adapt for Climate Change
Reduced Waste

Diversified Economy
Vibrant Economy
Employment Diversity and Accessibility
International Connections
Sustainable Business

Sustainable Infrastructure
Sustainable Fiscal Management
Organizational Excellence
Healthy Workplace
Effective Governance


Social Development Strategy

Official Community Plan

Zoning Bylaw

Housing First Policy

Public Art Policy

Equity and Inclusion Policy

Community Health Policy

Crime Prevention Through Social Development Policy

Healthy Food and Beverage Sales Recreational

Liquor Licensing Council Procedure

Municipal Alcohol Services Council Procedure

Permissive Tax Exemption Policy

Crime Reduction Strategy

Environment Strategy

Official Community Plan

Zoning Bylaw

City Fleet Idling Policy

Energy Efficiency and GHG Reduction Policy

Economic Development Strategy

Official Community Plan

Zoning Bylaw

Initiatives Prince George Business Plan

City Government Strategy

Official Community Plan

Zoning Bylaw

Asset Management Policy

Sustainable Procurement Policy

Sustainable Finance Policy

Community Standards for the Exterior Maintenance of Buildings Policy

Development Procedures Council Procedure

Snow and Ice Control Council Procedure

Workplace Wellness Policy

Workplace Conduct Policy

Council Code of Conduct

Council Procedures Bylaw

Freedom of the City Policy

MoU on Understanding and Cooperation City of Prince George and Lheidli T'enneh

2016 - 2018 Council Priorities 

• Reconnect to create an
inclusive and proud community.

• Support and promote initiatives
that facilitate healthy and
active living.

• Collaborate with partners to
enhance the quality of life for

• Celebrate success of our
citizens and our community
partners in order to foster civic

• Continue initiatives related
to youth engagement and

• Advance activities and
operations that are
environmentally sustainable.

• Develop and integrate
transportation linkages, means
and solutions.

• Monitor and work to decrease
greenhouse gas emissions.

• Advance progress in the

• Prioritize infill development
and advance housing within
targeted growth areas.

• Integrate economic
development priorities and
strategies with City operations
and functions.

• Prioritize service, transportation,
recreation, and facility
infrastructure needs and

• Build a strong and committed

• Provide a workplace committed
to health, safety and wellness.

• Improve City of Prince George
communication by fostering
a service culture focus and
ensuring transparency.

• Actively communicate and
engage with employees,
citizens, local organizations
and partners, and key
constituencies outside of
Prince George to advance the

  City of Prince George Current Financial Plan
City of Prince George 2015 Annual Report

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