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  Prince George Community Plan

Community Partners Addressing Homelessness

The National Homelessness Initiative began in Prince George in February 2001. It commenced with Prince George service providers, agencies, non-profit organizations, and government ministries and departments at the municipal, provincial and federal level agreeing to work together in a group named the Community Partners Addressing Homelessness (CPAH). This collaboration saw combining of the expertise and knowledge of their members along with the results of community consultations and focus groups with service providers, agencies, and service consumers in Prince George. The result cumulated in the Community Plan on Homelessness released in September 2001 and updated in November 2003 (see below for copy). In 2003, the Federal Government renewed its commitment and finances to the homelessness initiative, with phase 2 scheduled to run from March 1, 2003 until March 31, 2006.

This Community Plan covers the geographic area of the City of Prince George. The objectives of the CPAH and the process followed to create this document are described in detail. Also included is a chart listing some of the current 'Assets' in Prince George: that is, the Housing and other Services that are currently available in the community to assist those who are absolutely or relatively homeless. Where possible, data quantifying the size of the service are provided, as are data identifying the gaps between the service provided and the demand for service, typically expressed as a waiting list. The priorities that were identified through consultation, focus groups and expert knowledge are next identified in the Community Plan. While services addressing the needs of those who are absolutely homeless were the first priority, other issues and needs were also considered.

The Prince George Community Planning Council assisted the Federal Government (HRDC) by organizing community meetings and focus groups in the development of the Homelessness Plan and facilitating the application process for SCIPI funds. For further information on this subject please contact the Community Planning Council at 250-562-2667 or

The Prince George Community Plan - Community Partners Addressing Homelessness document is available as a PDF.

Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative (SCPI)

1999 - 2003

Although homelessness occurs in areas all across Canada, the associated problems are quite different from one community to another. The Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative (SCPI) is designed to support local, community-based efforts to identify priorities, plan and develop appropriate solutions.

The SCPI brings together all levels of government, private, non-profit, labour and volunteer organizations to plan and implement local solutions to homelessness. The goal is to reduce and prevent the underlying factors, with a focus on offering long-term solutions as well as immediate care.

The SCPI has five specific objectives:

  • To lessen the hardship of people who are homeless by increasing services, for example by providing additional shelter space or more alternative housing for longer-term shelter residents;
  • To promote a coordinated series of programs and initiatives aimed at reducing homelessness;
  • To strengthen the capacity of communities by bringing local service providers together to develop plans that address individual needs in a seamless and coordinated fashion;
  • To promote broad-based partnerships among all stakeholders (private, non-profit, volunteer and labour organizations, the general public and all levels of government) to address homelessness at a community level;
  • To develop a base of information and knowledge about homelessness, and share it among all concerned parties and with the general public.

Funding for this initiative amounts to $305 million over three years, and is helping 61 communities across Canada address homelessness at the local level.

Visit the Homelessness Strategy website for more information and to search for funded projects in Prince George.

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