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  Travel Grants

In an attempt to assist local artists, artisans, athletes, individuals and organizations to participate in wholesome arts, cultural, amateur recreation and sport activity and competition, at the Zone, Regional, Provincial, Western Canadian, National and International level, the City of Prince George will endeavor to provide supplementary travel grant assistance, to help offset the cost of participating as representatives of the City of Prince George.

To be eligible for consideration all applications must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must include a completed application form.
  2. Must include a signed letter from a current Executive Board of Directors member, on appropriate letterhead, which should include details of the event itself, AND any qualifying events. Letter must also include a statement that the application meets all criteria as outlined in this document.
  3. Must be for travel that has already occurred prior to the application date.


Travel Grant Application Information

  1. Only groups (where the majority of members are 18 years old or younger) or individuals (18 years old or younger) who are sponsored by recognized art, cultural, educational, amateur recreation/sport organizations are eligible, plus not more than one (1) support person who should be named on the application.
  2. Applicants/organizations must be Prince George based and must be able to supply proof of incorporation or registration.
  3. Travel Grant cheques will be made payable to sponsoring organizations who must be a registered society or an incorporated body; however, when necessary and appropriate, sponsoring organizations will be advised by letter, when grant monies are to be forwarded to an individual.
  4. Grants will be reviewed and paid on a bi-annual basis.(June and December each year)
  5. Maximum of ONE grant per calendar year, to an individual or group.
  6. Granting is subject to availability of funds from the Travel Grant Fund as provided in the City of Prince George Annual Budget
  7. The sum of travel grants allocated to a sponsoring organization in a calendar year shall be considered prior to awarding a grant, providing that funds are available.


A.    All groups (where the majority of members are 18 years old or younger) or individuals (18 years old or younger) who are sponsored by an organization and have through recognized cultural, educational, art, and/or recreational activity:

        1. been selected at a juried show to have his/her work displayed in a Provincial, Western Canadian, National level or within a designated geographic area as recognized by the sponsoring organization OR
        2. been awarded a scholarship within a specific field of art to attend a school of National or Western Canadian recognition OR
        3. won a zone or regional competition or has been selected by a sponsoring organization to represent Prince George at a Provincial competition OR
        4. won a Provincial competition and have gone on to participate in a Western Canadian, National competition or competition within a designated geographic area as recognized by the sponsoring organization OR
        5. won the right or has been selected to represent the City of Prince George, the Province of British Columbia, and/or Canada at an international competition.

B.  On occasion, those activities that are considered to be in pursuit of excellence, are eligible for funding.

C. School based sports and activities are not eligible.

Funding Available

Annual available funding is derived from interest on the BC Winter Games Legacy Trust and the total available amount for grants can vary annually based on current interest rates.

The actual amount you receive will be a maximum of the amount listed below but may be less. The actual amount awarded will be determined by your share of the total available funding you are eligible for in the period you have applied.

The total annual amount available from the Trust will be allocated 50% to be divided between applications received January- May and 50% to be divided between applications received from June- December.

Formula for calculation of actual awarded amount is T$/TS*NS --Total $ Available for distribution (T$). Total shares (TS). Number of shares qualified for (NS).

Example: Total amount available for all grants in the six month period is $2,000. Total shares applied for, and approved, for all applicants is 38. Application 1 is Funding Category A3, Application 2 is C2, Application 3 is E2.

Application 1 (A3) - $2,000/38*10 = $526.32 Application 2 (C2) - $2,000/38*4 = $210.53 Application 3 (E2) - $2,000/38*3 = $157.90

Funding Categories

 Competition Location1) Individual 2) Group/Team up to 14 members3) Group/Team of 15 & more members
  Maximum AwardSharesMaximum AwardSharesMaximum AwardShares
AInternational or National/Western Canadian held east of Manitoba$2002$5005$1,00010
BNational/Western Canadian held in Manitoba/Saskatchewan$1501.5$4004$6006
CNational/Western Canadian in BC/Alberta or Regional/Provincial recognized by sponsoring organization$1001$3003$5005

All grant applications may be subject to further review as required. Please be prepared to provide detailed information on eligibility requirements and actual expenses incurred.

Applications should be brought to the attention of:


City of Prince George - Community Services Department

1100 Patricia Blvd
Prince George, BC V2L 3V9

Phone: 250.561.7646
Fax: 250.561.7799 

You can download and print the PDF version of the grant application below.

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