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  Active Living Prince George


Getting Active in Prince George!

The City of Prince George offers a wide variety of opportunities for everyone in your family to get active today!






 Check out our Community Active Living Guide!  This invaluable tool is your ticket to all of the programs, services, special events and amazing active living opportunities offered in Prince George. 

The Community Partnerships Division is committed to working with community groups and promoting citizen involvement in community recreation.

Prince George has over 1900 hectares of Parks and Open Space.  Check out our Parks pages for more information on the range of amenities in our parks.








Biking, running, walking!  Active Transportation is encouraged to get fit and get outdoors.

Prince George has policies in place that help our Community be healthy!


Prince George Trails weave through the forest and encourage young and old to walk, run or bike. Check out our Park and Trail Guide for where to go exploring!

 Get Moving!  For the Health of it.

The benefits of physical activity have been proven in study after study, helping to reduce the risk of disease while improving mental and emotional health as well.
Despite the long list of benefits, only 15% of Canadian adults meet the Physical Activity Guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week; 5% of children and youth meet their Guidelines of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity guidelines every day!
Becoming more physically active is easier than you think! Start slowly by adding physical activities that you enjoy into your daily routine and build your way up to 30-60 minutes of moderate activity each day. 

Get Outside! It's in Our Nature.

Did you know getting outside provides physical, mental and social benefits.  Being outdoors lowers stress, positively impacts your health, and fosters social connections to name a few.  Prince George is a City in a forest, with 1900 hectares of Parks and Open Spaces and over 100 km of trails,  all at the confluence of two beautiful rivers!  Prince George offers incredible outdoor recreation opportunities for everyone.
Check out the City of Prince George Park and Trail Walking Guide for where to explore in our community.  The guide highlights different trails and routes in our community.  You can check it out online here, download a pdf version here or pick up your own copy from city hall.
Walking and hiking are easy and free forms of physical activity for most people.  Walking is low impact, gives many healthy benefits and easily integrated into your lifestyle - so start walking today!
Trail users may include cyclists, equestrians, runners, scooters and strollers to name a few!  Please follow trail etiquette:
  •     Please share the trails!
  •     Stay on designated trails
  •     Slow down and communicate when passing
  •     Keep to the right and control your speed
  •     Respect wildlife and plants
  •     Please place litter and dog waste in garbage containers
  •     Leash your pet

Get Outside and PLAY!

Did you know our kids don't play like they used to?  Kids today are busier than ever with schoolwork and scheduled activities – and their parents are even busier. 

Prince George weather can keep kids indoors more frequently, especially when the lure of screens – video games, television, the internet and smartphones – is constant. What might have once been a natural activity for kids, to run outside and play, has frankly been engineered out of modern life. 

Click on the icon to the left for ideas on getting outdoors with your children

Check out the resources below for more ideas on getting active!

Active Living Resources









Bring Back Play!

Check out these resources
to get kids moving!





PLANH supports local government engagement and partnerships across sectors for creating healthier communities.

Healthy in Nature is a movement that explores the relationship between human health and nature.


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