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  Pest Control


Ants are an integral part of our ecosystem.  They are responsible for cleaning the ground of all debris.  Ants are exceptional housekeepers, turning litter and natural debris into valuable soil rich in essential nutrients.

The City of Prince George has discovered after many years of trials and tribulations that treating an active hill with pesticides and/or natural controls forces the ants out of the active nest and they in turn rebuild up to 5 new nests in the same area.  The City of Prince George no longer treats ant hill in greenbelts or public parks.

If your property borders on a greenbelt or natural area, do not dump your garden waste into this area.  Not only is it illegal, but it encourages nature's housekeepers to come to your property and your neighbour's property.  For more detailed information see our Ant Control Information Sheet.


The City of Prince George operates a Nuisance Mosquito Abatement program to reduce mosquito annoyance for residents and visitors to the city.  For more information on our Mosquito Control Program, click here.

Tent Caterpillars 

Tent Caterpillars - The City of Prince George is visited by these busy caterpillars every year.  For more information you can visit our Urban Forestry - Tree Maintenance page by clicking here.

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