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  Playground Update Program

The Playground Upgrade Program includes the removal, repair, and/or replacement of playground equipment throughout City parks.

This Program is a continuation of the 2001 Playground Audit that was conducted on the 65 city playground facilities. The Playground Audit determined the compliancy of city playgrounds to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) playground standards.

The following information is also available in PDF format.


How do city playground comply with the CSA standards?

The majority of city playgrounds require replacement in order to comply with the CSA standards. This is mainly due to inadequate protective surfacing areas. Also many structures have reached the end of their life cycle or are home-built structures that do not comply with CSA standards.


Is my neighbourhood playground safe?

The playgrounds are well maintained by the City of Prince George and should not be considered unsafe. The most important safety feature of any playground structure, new or old, is active adult supervision as children will often test their limits.


What playgrounds are being upgraded?

A plan has been developed to identify and prioritize playground upgrades. These priorities are subject to an annual review and revision to include current factors such as neighbourhood park needs, land use changes, funding sources, and potential opportunities.

Recent Playground Projects include:

  • 2009 -- Coyle Park, Bednesti Park, Sinclair Park.
  • 2008 -- Foot Park, Stirling Park, Glenview Park, Charella Park.
  • 2007 -- Prudente Park, Strathcona Park, Harper Park, Gordon Bryant, Fairburn Park
  • 2006 -- Cherry Park, Clearwood Park, Nordic Park, Poyner Park & Sycamore Park
  • 2005 -- Fairmont Park, Latrobe Park, McMaster Park, Renison Park & Westgate Park

What will the playground upgrade include?

Upgrades typically include the removal and replacement of existing non-compliant playground structures, as well as the installation of protective surfacing areas.

Funding is limited to the replacement of the existing equipment with an equivalent structure, i.e. a new slide to replace a non-compliant slide. Expanded playground equipment would require funding from alternate sources. In neighbourhoods where more than one playground area exists, equipment may be removed and replaced in one park area only. These decisions would be subject to a review and public consultation with neighbourhood residents.


What does a typical playground cost?

The average playground with a new adventure playground structure, toddler and children’s swings, surfacing/edging materials would cost a minimum of $40,000 to $50,000 installed.


Why do playgrounds cost so much?

Playground equipment is factory-manufactured with quality, vandal resistant components that reduce long term maintenance costs. The equipment must also be installed with large protective surfacing areas and treated wood edging. All of these requirements ensure that your child has the best possible play opportunities, while meeting C.S.A. standards.


Can the equipment being removed, be used elsewhere?

Unfortunately not as the equipment usually does not comply with CSA standards.


What about school playgrounds?

School playgrounds are managed by the School District, and are not included in the City’s Playground Upgrade Program.


We have an undeveloped park down the street. Can it be developed with a new playground too?

The development of ‘new’ park areas is funded under a separate budget and would not be included in the Playground Upgrade Program.


How can I get involved?

Your involvement is important to us. You can get involved by providing your input and/or potentially volunteering in the installation of the equipment. You can attend any public meetings about your park area, answer surveys, or contact us directly.

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