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  Asset Management

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Asset management objective - "to meet a required level of service, in the most cost effective manner through the management of assets for present and future customers."



The Asset Management Division is a part of the Engineering and Public Works support team. The focus of Asset Management since its inception in early 2007 has been the development of an integrated approach to the long-term renewal and replacement of the City’s core public infrastructure (water, sewer, drainage, roads, parks, and buildings).


During the Summer/Fall of 2009 the City implemented RIVA software to model the lifecycle of its infrastructure networks to determine its long-term infrastructure re-investment requirements. The results of the latest modeling were shared with Council in 2014 indicating there is an annual infrastructure liability (Gap) of approximately $20million. The infrastructure liability is the difference between our current level of infrastructure re-investment and the required level of re-investment.


A copy of the presentation to council is included under which identifies the infrastructure liability and outlines the current Operational challenges faced by the City Divisions responsible for the management of the City’s infrastructure. 

Strategic Asset Management Priorities and Work Plan - February 2013 


This document also includes the plans for development of the City's Asset Management capability.

Asset Management Presentation 2012


                                Strategic Asset Management Priorities and Work Plan




Strategic Direction

City Council adopted the outcomes of the myPG community planning and consultation processes in 2011. A significant outcome of this process was the development of a “strategic framework for a Sustainable Prince George guides the integration of the myPG community goals into the City’s operations.”




For further information contact the City’s Asset Manager, Kristy Brown at 250-561-7518 or send an email to

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