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  Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services

The City of Prince George’s Bylaw Services Division enforces a variety of City Bylaws designed to improve the quality of living in Prince George.

Bylaw Services consists of three main areas: Animal Control, On-Street Parking Control and Bylaw Enforcement. Bylaw Services additionally monitors and manages parking in the City's off-street parking facilities.
Bylaw Services receives approximately 300 to 400 calls per month, ranging from parking infractions to urgent requests. Urgent calls are attended to immediately, while non-urgent calls are assigned to a Bylaw Officer within 24 hours.


  • Animal Control Officers investigate and resolve dog attacks, complaints of aggressive or vicious dogs and enforce a variety of other animal regulations found in the Animal Control Bylaw.
  • Parking Control Officers enforce on-street and off-street parking bylaws.
  • Bylaw Enforcement Officers enforce the provisions of bylaws such as property maintenance, noise, zoning, water sprinkling regulations and clean air (residential burning).



The City of Prince George Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw, No. 8813, 2016 and the Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act established the use of and a method for disputing a Bylaw Offence Notice and a Parking Offence Notice.   

This procedure will outline the process for disputing a Bylaw Offence Notice and a Parking Offence Notice.  A dispute will be reviewed by a Screening Officer and if necessary referred to Adjudication.    

The Adjudication system allows the City to manage bylaw disputes locally rather than through the Provincial Court system. Violation notices can be disputed out of court with a private adjudicator appointed by the Provincial Attorney General Office.


1.      An Offender has the option to either pay the Bylaw Offence or Parking Offence Notice or dispute it.

2.      An Offender has 14 calendar days upon receipt of the Bylaw Offence or Parking Offence Notice to dispute it.  

3.      A Bylaw Offence or Parking Offence Notice mailed to an Offender is deemed served on the 7th day after mailing.   

4.      A Parking Offence Notice left on a vehicle is deemed to be served on the day it is placed on the vehicle.  
5.      If a dispute is not filed with the Bylaw Services within the 14 calendar days of the date of service, the Offender will not be    able to dispute it later.  

6.      Disputes must be submitted on a Bylaw Offence and Parking Violation Notice Dispute Request for Adjudication Form.  

7.      Dispute Forms are available at the City of Prince George, City Hall Service Center and on the City of Prince George website here.  Forms can also be sent to an Offender via email upon request.  
8.      Completed Dispute Forms can be mailed, delivered, E-Mailed or faxed (within 14 calendar days) to:

City of Prince George

Bylaw Services

1100 Patricia Blvd.

Prince George, BC  V2L 3V9

Fax#:  250-561-7745

 9.      Bylaw Service's Screening Officer will receive and review the Bylaw Notice Dispute Form and is authorized by bylaw to either:

  • Cancel a Bylaw Notice;
  • Enter into a Compliance Agreement and reduce the penalty upon compliance with the bylaw; or
  • Uphold a Bylaw Notice.  

10.      If the Screening Officer upholds the Bylaw Offence or Parking Offence Notice, the Offender will be given the option to request an Adjudication Hearing.  
11.      If the Offender requests an Adjudication Hearing they will be contacted with the date, time and location for the Adjudication Hearing. 
12.      At the Adjudication Hearing, evidence shall be presented and the Adjudicator shall decide whether the offence did or did not occur. 
13.      If the Adjudicator finds that an offence did occur, the offence notice must be paid in full, plus an additional $25 administrative fee. 
14.      If the Adjudicator finds that offence is deemed not to have occurred the offence notice is cancelled and no penalties are assessed.

 Process Flow:




While Bylaw Services maintains specific hours, an Animal Officer is on-call 24 hours a day.

  • General Office Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm - Monday to Friday.
  • Bylaw Office Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm - Monday to Friday, and some evening and weekend coverage.
  • Animal Control Office Hours: 8:30am to 5:00pm - Monday to Sunday.  Animal Control Officers respond to dog attacks (whether or not the attack resulted in an injury to a person or animal) that occur after standard office hours (phone: 250.561.7622).
  • Parking Control Office Hours:  8:00am to 6:00pm - Monday to Friday.

During an emergency, such as a serious dog or dangerous animal attack, dial City Bylaw at 250.561.7622.
Animal  Control is on call 24 hours a day.


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