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The Training Division provides training coordination and support to over 120 members of the Prince George Fire Rescue Service and is responsible for providing fire fighters ongoing operational skills enhancement and education.  Firefighting often involves dangerous in dynamic situations and fire fighters must make very quick decisions based on their highly specialized skills, judgment, and knowledge.  Comprehensive fire fighter training is one of the most critical aspects of the fire service and ensures that fire fighters are able to safely perform their duties at a very high level.

Areas of training include:

  • Professional fire fighter qualifications
  • Motor vehicle extrication
  • Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
  • Hazardous Materials response
  • High angle rescue
  • Confined space rescue
  • Swift water rescue
  • Ice rescue
  • Apparatus driving
  • Radio communications
  • Fire Officer I and II
  • Supervisory and administrative courses

The Training Division is staffed by a Chief Training Officer who is responsible for the coordination and delivery of all fire service training programs and activities.  Working with the Assistant Chiefs, Captains, the Justice Institute of British Columbia, other career fire services in British Columbia and other parts of Canada as well as other professional training organizations the Chief Training Officer organizes a diverse range of training throughout the year.  All professional fire fighter training follows standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Training is organized to meet the criteria of four specific areas:

  1. Skills Maintenance hall drills or regular day-to-day training conducted by one or more halls at a company level.
  2. Competency Training training sessions that result in a PGFRS qualification being obtained by the student.  This is usually formal training conducted by the Training Division solely for PGFRS personnel.
  3. Certificate Training training that meets an established criteria and the student may receive a formal certificate issued by a certifying agency. 
  4. Training Division training sessions scheduled by the Training Division not covered under certificate or competency training.

Maintenance of fire fighter training records is extremely important in the fire service.  These records ensure that fire fighter training and certifications are accurate and current.  In 2011, the Training Division implemented the Training Module, a customized electronic database that is part of the department’s integrated records management system.  This system is used for all fire fighter training records retention and retrieval.


Full Name: James Sweet
Job Title: Chief Training Officer
Business Phone: 250.561.7667
E-mail Address:

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