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  Solid Waste Services

Did you know that North America, with only 8% of the world's population, is responsible for 53% of its waste!


 You don't need to lose track of your residential garbage collection day again. Download "my Waste App"  It is easy! My Waste reminds you in advance of all collection days or you can choose to receive alerts only when there are changes to your collection schedule due to a holiday.

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Solid Waste Management Plan Review

The RDFFG is launching a review of its Solid Waste Management Plan – the plan that determines how we will recycle, compost and dispose of our garbage for the next 10-20 years.

Solid Waste Services staff is responsible for the collection of residential garbage within the boundaries of The City of Prince George. With approximately 23,000 homes to collect from, we are always looking at ways to improve our service. In April, 2005, The City of Prince George implemented an Automated Garbage Collection system that has completely changed the face of Solid Waste Services. Gone are the days of back breaking manual collection where workers were exposed daily to the hazards that come with a hands on type service. Automated Garbage Collection has eliminated injuries for staff at Solid Waste, a Division previously wrought with work related injuries. Before implementation, workers were missing up to 200 collective days of work due to shoulder, back and neck injuries. We have enjoyed five years of injury free work since we brought the automated fleet online! This website is designed to provide information on all aspects of waste collection, recycling, and disposal. Please click on the area that interests you.

 Garbage Collection
Garbage Collection

 Recycling Tips
Recycling Tips

 Transfer & Recycling Stations
Transfer & Recycle Stations

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