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  Roads Division

Welcome to the Roads Division of the City of Prince George. Below you will find links to various documents and information.


The 2016 Road Rehabilitation Program is currently underway.

The 2016 Road Rehabilitation Program has 40 plus projects covering 57 lane kilometres.  Part of the program also includes Microsurfacing of an additional 7 lane kilometres.  Microsurfacing is a pavement preservation strategy that provides a new wearing surface to existing asphalt roads.



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Downtown Parking and Transportation Plan

This page is intended to collect and inform on policies to accommodate future growth and a pedestrian-friendly downtown. Please visit and provide some feedback with the online questionnaire.

Cameron Street Bridge

The Cameron Street Bridge was closed to vehicular traffic in late September 2005, due to significant deterioration of members in the 75 year old timber structure. The bridge was replaced with a new concrete superstructure which opened August 24, 2009 to vehicular traffic.

More information is available on Cameron Street Bridge page.

Special Events/Parades

The purpose of a Special Events Parade Permit is to allow individuals or organizations within our community to utilize municipal streets for special events or parades which contribute to the enrichment of our community.

Download the parade permit and checklist in PDF format along with the business support form

Download Notice of Traffic Disruption

Equipment for Hire Registration

The City of Prince George is accepting the registration of equipment for hire such as, but not limited to, loaders, crawler tractors, graders, backhoes, excavators, trucks, etc., for summer construction/maintenance projects, and winter snow clearing operations.

Equipment will be hired on an as required basis between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018

Completed registration forms and/or updates should be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on March 31, 2017, Attention, Cathy McCallum or Joan Cassie, at the Public Works office located at: 3990 -18th  Avenue, Prince George,

Registration forms are available for External Equipment Rental Tender.pdf download in PDF format or from the Public Works Department.


Downtown Traffic Volumes

A Downtown Traffic Volume Map (PDF - 1.18MB) is now available. Downtown traffic volumes are estimates based on historic counts, and are for discussion purposes only.

Actual count numbers are available as a layer in PGMap

Salt Management Plan

Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and beginning in 1995, road salts underwent a comprehensive 5-year assessment. The assessment report published in 2001 concluded that high releases of road salts were having an adverse environmental effect on freshwater ecosystems, soil, vegetation and wildlife. A multistakeholder working group, which included members from provincial and municipal road authorities, industry, environmental and non-governmental organizations, worked together over a two-year period to develop a Code of Practice for the management of road salts. The main objective of the Code of Practice is to ensure environmental protection while maintaining roadway safety.


Anti-Icing/Prewetting Operations

In September 1998, City Council approved the trial use of Anti-icing liquids in the downtown, bounded by Winnipeg Street, First Avenue, Fifteenth Avenue and Lower Patricia Boulevard. Anti-icing is the application of a liquid de-icer such as magnesium or calcium chloride, which has other additives to significantly reduce corrosion concerns from the chlorides and to reduce their environmental impact. The objectives of this trial are to improve road safety, reduce the use of abrasives, which contribute to high dust levels, and to improve the level of service. The costs associated with this program are modest in comparison to the benefits anticipated.

The early results of this trial and the experience of other communities are positive. City Council has also approved the installation of pre-wetting equipment on the City's remaining sanders, which hopefully will reduce the volume of abrasive and de-icer use in all areas of the City. By spraying liquid de-icer on sand or salt our expectation is that the sand will stick to a cold and dry pavement or will embed into the icy surface due to the de-icer coating on the sand or salt. Other agencies have been able to reduce their use of abrasives and salt by approximately 30% by prewetting. The liquid used in Pre-wetting is the same that is used in Ant-icing and as noted above.

Snow Operations

Each winter Roads Division of the City of Prince George Public Works Department has the responsibility for maintaining over 630 kilometres of roads and over 150 kilometres of sidewalks within the Municipality. We endeavor to accomplish this task in the most cost-effective manner possible while still maintaining high levels of service to the community.

Find out more about Snow Operations...

Street Sweeping Operations

Each spring, the Roads Division of the City of Prince Public Works Department is responsible for the cleanup of approximately 550 km of paved road and 150 km of sidewalk. We endeavor to accomplish this task in the most cost effective manner possible while maintaining a high level of service to the residents of Prince George.

Find out more about Street Sweeping Operations...


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